Astro Pay

Best AstroPay Online Lottery Sites

AstroPay is an international system of prepaid cards which is one of the fastest-growing payment solutions in emerging markets. This UK based company offers guaranteed payment solutions to global online merchants, avoiding problems like local taxes, payment rejections, fraud, and credit approval. Many lottery players also use AstroPay service to buy lottery tickets , and therefore we have compiled a list of the best Astropay online lottery sites.

AstroPay also allows people in Latin America, Turkey, and China to buy online at international websites in a local currency, using the most effective local payment methods. Users can pay for goods and services on the websites of AstroPay partners, using a wide range of currencies, without revealing their banking data.

The most special thing about AstroPay is that it is providing top-class payment solutions in those markets where the most popular solutions are either unavailable or not functioning properly. This company prides itself for the ease of use of their solutions, easy registration, simple integration and operation for their merchants, and usability for their customers.

Depositing and withdrawing funds using your local currency frees you from the trouble and fee of currency conversion. It is, therefore, already the prime choice of thousands of Latin Americans. They provide three main payment solutions: AstroPay Direct, AstroPay Card, and AstroPay Visa.

AstroPay Direct

It is a suite of alternative payment solutions. It includes local credit and debit cards, direct payments from users’ online bank accounts, Boleto Bancario, and many more. AstroPay Direct division of the company offers direct payments in local currency from the most popular banks in all the countries which have the technology to enable them to run their service.

Customers go straight from the merchant checkout page to a payment interface that connects the customer with their bank of preference. On entering some personal information, they are connected to their online banking page for verification of their payment. On completing the process, they immediately receive the payment confirmation.

AstroPay Card

It is an anonymous, virtual prepaid card and e-wallet, which is hugely popular with people who don’t want to reveal their personal information while making online transactions.

AstroPay Visa

It’s AstroPay’s own prepaid Visa Card that could be used online as well as in over 30 million locations around the world, wherever you see the Visa symbol.

Deposit Via AstroPay Card

To top up your gaming account using AstroPay Card, you need to go to the Deposit section and select AstroPay Card. There you select the account that you want to load and enter the deposit amount. Upon hitting ‘Next’, you will be shown the transaction summary. Here you can check the details before clicking ‘Confirm Payment’. Now you will arrive at a page where you will put in your AstroPay Card details. After clicking on ‘Pay’, you will see a confirmation message and funds will be transferred to your account instantly.

All in all we are certain that AstroPay solutions will only increase their presence as the banking method at the best online lottery sites.


Are there any sites that accept AstroPay in India? 

Indian players can use AstroPay to make payments when playing the game using an online lottery website. Reputable sites such as LottoLand accept Astropay payments, making it easier for players from India to participate in worldwide lottery games.

Does AstroPay work in South Africa?

With its current expansion in Europe and other countries in the world, AstroPay is now accessible to customers in Africa including South Africa. Other African countries include Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. This makes it easier for South African lotto players to make payments for tickets when playing lotteries online.

How old do you have to be to use AstroPay?

AstroPay clients have to be 18 years or older to be eligible for an account. They have to undergo a KYC process before becoming an AstroPay account holder. An eligible client must also be registered in one of the available jurisdictions for AstroPay.