Giro Pay

Best GiroPay Online Lottery Sites

This payment system is highly popular among Germans. It is also available in Austria as well as the Netherlands. Many gamblers and lottery players also preferer this payment system, so we have compiled a list of the best Giropay online lottery sites.

Giropay is an internet-based payment system which is a replica of the Dutch iDEAL payment system, Interac Online service in Canada and Secured Vault Payments in the US. Giropay was launched in Germany in 2006, and it slowly expanded its business to Austria and The Netherlands.

Giropay allows users to make transactions online while using the online banking environment wherein funds are debited from their bank accounts. Depending on the bank, customers confirm their payments on Giropay through a second authentication factor or a PIN.

Presently, Giropay already accounts for 10 per cent of all online checkouts in Germany, and it continues to grow as more people are turning to home banking finding it more convenient. This process is convenient both for individuals and merchants. 

This system is hassle-free and secure where customers have peace of mind. The risk of fraud is low because the user must authenticate the payment with their bank. So, there are no unrecognized payments, and you won’t have disputes that may result in chargebacks, with money withdrawn from your account.

How Giropay Works?

The online banking service offered by Giropay is PIN and TAN based that makes it highly secure. Unlike the traditional online payment systems that use the provisional applet on the computer, this payment method provides direct home banking.

When you choose to purchase tickets to your favourite lottery online through Giropay, they will redirect you to your bank account. There you will be asked to enter your financial details – account number and PIN code. The bank will issue you the Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) required to confirm the transaction. On confirmation of the transaction, the bank will authorize payments to the lottery site. The withdrawal process for Giropay is also the same, and your funds are mostly sent to your bank immediately.

Participation of an increasing number of savings and cooperative banks brightens the scope of the system day by day; however, from the private bankers, the participation is limited.

Online gamblers and lottery players also use Giropay because it allows them to easily buy lottery tickets online and deposit money to their gambling accounts. If you are a lottery player and have a Giropay account or wish to have one in the future, you will surely benefit from our list of the best Giropay online lottery sites.

Many websites offer new and old players who use Giropay a plethora of bonuses and other amazing perks. A good bonus offer will not only increase your bankroll but also give you a chance to play more. The best lottery sites have bonuses to entice new players and keep existing gamers coming back for more.