Best M-Pesa Online Lottery Sites

One of the best solutions in securing payments for online lotteries is to allow the players to make payments through their mobile phone accounts. M-Pesa is one of the many companies that offer this service and because of this, we have made our list of the best M-Pesa online lottery sites.

Before you proceed further you need to know two important things. Firstly, there are few lottery sites that are ready to accept M-Pesa. Secondly, M-Pesa is mostly popular in Kenya and some other African countries, and India. And, it has no presence in Europe.

From a functional perspective, this method is the product of an association between M-Pesa and Vodafone to provide Kenyan people with an easy way of using their smartphone to make online payments for gambling, playing the lottery, and doing some other things online.

The actual provider of this mobile payment service is a subsidiary company named Vodafone M-Pesa Limited (VMPL). The VMPL is associated with the ICICI Bank and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This is why this payment method is accepted in both Kenya and India.

M-Pesa Mobile Payment Features

Quick fund transfers and online deposits are among the popular features of M-Pesa. But, before rushing to the list of the best M-Pesa online lottery sites, we would encourage you to learn how this payment method works.

The transaction is done by using a special code. The receiver of the funds, be it an individual or a casino or a lottery website, can then use M-Pesa on a smartphone or sign in online to withdraw the funds.

M-Pesa can also provide users with the power to load funds beforehand by recharging a prepaid account. While making payments, users will have the ability to utilize the Vodafone Postpaid option. From a functional perspective, this will result in crediting of funds to a Vodafone monthly phone bill.

This service enables lottery players to make payments by storing funds in an account, which can then be used to deposit funds at a variety of lottery websites. This is a secure and safe way to transfer funds.

From our list of best online sites, currently, only 24Lottos allow settlements with M-Pesa.

How To Play Lottery With M-Pesa

Before you can use M-Pesa for playing the lottery, you will need to fund your M-Pesa account. To top-up your account you will be required to visit an authorized M-Pesa agent with your phone and ID. You will tell the agent how much you want to deposit and they will load your account accordingly. When it is done, you will receive a confirmation SMS from M-Pesa. Now you are all set to use your M-Pesa funds to play the lottery online.

Go to the cashier section of a lottery site that accepts payments through M-Pesa and follow the instruction there to deposit funds for playing or withdrawing your winnings to your M-Pesa account.

Pros and Cons of M-Pesa

Before you choose a lottery site that offers M-Pesa there are some factors to consider first. In this section, we’ve provided the pros and cons of this payment service. This way you can make an informed decision on whether the lotteries that offer M-Pesa are worth the try.

Pros Cons
  • You don’t need a bank account to use M-Pesa
  • User-friendly transfer service
  • Can be used in local languages and English
  • Provides safe and secure transactions
  • Fast withdrawals with money clearing within two hours
  • Charges small fees for transactions
  • Only allows a maximum of two deposits a day
  • Can’t deposit more than $1500 a day