Best Paysafecard Online Lottery Sites

Paysafecard is a subsidiary of the Paysafe Group, which also owns Netteller and Skrill. It offers online payment solutions for many services and is available in 46 countries in local currencies and provides a safe, swift, and practical way of funding your lottery website account. Paysafecard is ideal for those who prefer using cash to a card or bank transfer. So, we have compiled the best Paysafecard online lottery sites for your convenience.

Services Offered By Paysafecard

The core product is like a phone top-up card. You buy a voucher containing a 16-digit code from a Paysafecard sales outlet that you can later use for purchasing tickets to the lotteries with the biggest jackpots. The value of the voucher code is equivalent to the amount of cash you pay. You are protected against fraud since you don’t have to enter any personal information or bank details.

You need to be 18 to buy a voucher and use it to shop online. Registering online with them is free and only requires basic information. Since Paysafecard requires no bank account, it is mostly used by young shoppers. This card is often used to buy games, software, movies, and books online. People also use it for social media marketing, online dating, and VoIP and cloud services.

How Paysafecard Works

First, you need to find your local sales outlet using the search feature on the Paysafecard website to buy it there. Then you can pay online by entering the 16-digit Paysafecard PIN, after choosing Paysafecard as your payment method at the checkout.

How To Use It Directly On A Lottery Website

The process of using Paysafecard varies from website to website depending on their functionality. However, here’s how it works generally. After buying a voucher, you visit a lottery site of your choice and choose Paysafecard from the list of available payment methods. After entering the amount you wish to deposit, you will be directed to the Paysafecard website. There you will need to enter the 16-digit voucher number and confirm your payment. On completion of this process, the funds will be credited to your betting account.

Pro Tip: if a particular website does not offer Paysafecard option, but it does offer NETELLER or Skrill, you can fund those digital wallets with your Paysafecard since they are all one company now and you can make your deposit using cash at anyone of them.

You may explore our list of the best Paysafecard online lottery sites and see which one works best for you.

Balance Accumulation And Paysafe App

Paysafecard allows you to accumulate online balance by grouping together several voucher codes and make payments through a username and password instead of the multiple 16-digit codes. You can also view your balance and monitor transactions.

With the help of its App, you can easily find nearby Pasafecard sales outlets, check your balance on any Paysafecard pin, and access promotions and competitions remotely.