Best Sofort Online Lottery Sites

Whether you wish to fund your account to play your favorite lottery or withdraw your winnings, Sofort offers a safe, real-time payment method for all EU based players. Therefore, we have made a list of the best Sofort online lottery sites out there on the web.

Sofort is German engineering at its best. It’s not only easy to use but is also as reliable as a Volkswagen. It is no miracle that Sofort is a popular banking method that can be used for online payments, including those for lottery playing.

Origins And Growth Of Sofort

This company started as Sofort Überweisung (Banking company) in 2005 in Germany and its original name was Payment Network, which was changed to Sofort AG in 2012.

The company turned out to be a great success and is now in partnership with more than 25,000 online merchants. Sofort’s monthly transaction volume exceeds 2 million payments.

In Which Countries Sofort Is Available

This is a payment system that is available to those living in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Sofort is, in fact, also available to those living in Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain, but there it’s called Pay Now by Klarna instead.

Sofort Is Secure When Playing Lotteries Online

Sofort acts as a middleman between your bank and the best online lottery sites where you play, and it keeps your bank details secure and shielded from prying eyes. Sofort is the preferred payment method for many since it allows you to easily make payments for buying lottery and making other online payments. It’s quicker and more comfortable than other options.

Making A Sofort Account

Following some easy instructions on their website, you can set up an account with Sofort in a few minutes. And you can immediately use that account for all your online needs. The instant deposit process makes this banking method very user-friendly.

So, when you wish to buy a lottery ticket for Euro Millions, Mega Millions, Powerball or any other lottery, you can do so in no time by selecting Sofort in the cashier section of a website that accepts Sofort payments. You can go through our list of the best Sofort online lottery sites given at the end of this article.

Making withdrawals through Sofort is equally easy and instantaneous as the company relies on real-time technology to process all payments.

Sofort Fees

Sofort does not charge any transaction fees, though the website you choose for playing the lottery may charge a fee. Make sure you read the website’s terms and conditions before making the transaction. Sofort is a really an easy payment method to use, and there’s not much to do before you can start playing through it.

Drawbacks of Sofort

One big drawback of Sofort is that it is not available for the lottery enthusiasts from outside of Europe. This means that many players cannot use this payment option.

Secondly, the collection of personal data directly from users’ bank account is a bit perturbing for some people, though Sofort employs high-security mechanisms to ensure the data security of their clients.