Best Todito Cash Online Lottery Sites

Todito Cash is a payment system in Mexico. It works as an alternative payment method to purchase goods and services both online and offline. Users can purchase Todito Cash vouchers online, or they can top-up at outlets through cash or card. If you are a Todito Cash card or account holder and wish to buy the tickets to one of the lotteries with the biggest jackpots, our guide to the best Todito Cash online lottery sites might prove quite helpful.

In 2016, Todito Cash launched a new feature that enables users to recharge their Todito Card with a banking card by going to the portal. This feature lets users recharge their card free from their home in minutes, and they can continue purchasing online in a secure way. Thanks to this new service, the users no longer need to go to commercial areas and pay, in some cases, high commissions.

How to purchase a Todito Cash Prepaid Voucher?

You can obtain a Todito Cash account in two ways: register a free account online at their website (, or get a physical card from any ‘7-eleven’ stores that you will find throughout Mexico.

After your account is created, you receive a 10-digit card number and a four-digit PIN. These two codes are then used to make online payments through Todito Cash (both the PIN and the card numbers do not change on recharging the card).

Can the same card be used several times?

Yes, you do not need to use all the funds on your card in a single transaction. You can go for making partial payments or deposits and then continue using Todito Cash prepaid voucher later.

Depositing Via Todito Cash

Here’s the process of depositing through Todito Cash. First, go to the Deposit section and choose Todito Cash. Then, select the account you want to top up, the deposit amount, and the currency. Now when you click Next, a transaction summary will be shown to you. Just click Confirm Payment button.

Now you will be required to choose your identity document and number. CURP (unique population registry code) and RFC (federal taxpayer registry) are permitted to serve as an identity document. Now when you hit ‘Click Pay’ to confirm, you will be taken to a page where you will enter your Todito Cash card details to complete the transaction.

Now that you have learned how to deposit through this service, you might want to buy lottery tickets through it and here is our list of best Todito Cash online lottery sites would save you precious time. But before looking at the list, you might want to learn about the Todito Cash withdrawals.

Withdrawal Via Todito Cash

The biggest drawback of Todito Cash is that it does not offer withdrawals, though they can be made by bank transfer.