Virgo (Kanya Rashi) Lucky Lottery Numbers for Today, Tomorrow, This Week & the Month Ahead

Were you born under the sixth sun sign of the zodiac? Playing your Virgo (Kanya Rashi) lucky lottery numbers today, tomorrow, and for the month ahead could be the key to winning the next jackpot! Using the universal energies surrounding the astrological birth sign of the Virgo, numerologists have revealed what those numbers are.

Together with your birth numbers, you can take advantage of our user-friendly tables made up of more lucky digits when playing the lottery. With these options available to you, it couldn’t get any easier to fill in your lottery ticket!

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about playing the lottery as a Virgo and prepare yourself for games today, tomorrow, this week, and the month ahead!

Kanya Rashi (Virgo) Lucky Number for Today

May 21, 2024

  • 62
  • 25
  • 41
  • 39
  • 14
  • 7
  • 20

Kanya Rashi (Virgo) Lucky Number for Tomorrow

May 22, 2024

  • 40
  • 8
  • 51
  • 69
  • 25
  • 46
  • 52

Kanya Rashi (Virgo) Lucky Number for This Week

May 20, 2024 - May 25, 2024

  • 12
  • 68
  • 21
  • 38
  • 26
  • 40
  • 14

Kanya Rashi (Virgo) Lucky Number for This Month

May 01, 2024 - May 31, 2024

  • 28
  • 4
  • 42
  • 30
  • 15
  • 56
  • 31


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Disclaimer: This is only a compilation of possible lucky numbers that we suggest you use when playing lottery games. Remember that playing the lottery is always a matter of chance. Therefore, we do not guarantee anyone will win by using the provided data when playing any lottery. It’s yet another lottery strategy to try out and see if it helps you win more often. 

Our Process: How we Generate Virgo Lucky Numbers

We help you identify the numbers to use when playing the lottery on a specific day. The data on these lists closely relate to a player’s star sign.

To compile these lists, our process includes steps like the following:

  • Take numbers that may carry more luck, based on the specific year, because for Virgo, there are numbers that carry more significance in a given year
  • Use astrology to determine the lucky numbers for Virgo, which is influenced by the planets
  • Consider numerology principles to identify general lucky numbers and lucky numbers for a specific birth date
  • Calculate variable lucky numbers, using today’s date.

By using all these formulas, we can create the best numbers any Virgo can play each day, week and month.

Explaining the Kanya Rashi Symbols

Kanya Rashi or Virgo Moon Sign is symbolized by the Maiden or Virgin. It’s often associated with the “lady in waiting” who is naive and shy. Virgos born under the sixth Moon sign of the zodiac are sometimes depicted by a lady carrying a shaft of wheat, symbolizing the harvesting time of this crop. The Virgo natural element is Earth.

The Kanya Rashi symbol refers to people who are born to serve others. Falling into the sixth house of astrology, the Virgo sign is symbolic of health and wellness, daily routines, shared relationships, changing qualities, and dignity. However, the symbol also represents enemies, competition, and obstacles!

What Are the Kanya Rashi Characteristics?

Understanding the characteristics of Kanya Rashi will help you play the lottery game better! Ruled by the planet, Mercury, Virgos are natural communicators with acute intellect and sharp memories. Kanya Rashi is highly intuitive and receptive to universal powers but can be a complex person too.

The strengths of Virgo lie in the following positive characteristic traits:

  • Stable and grounded: Kanya Rashi zodiacs approach everything they do in a steady, slow, and methodical way.
  • Diligent workers: Virgos tend towards perfectionism as they complete every task diligently and precisely. However, if not kept in check this trait could become negative.
  • Good planners: Being deep thinkers, people born under this birth sign plan everything ahead of time in an orderly manner, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Observant: With keen and sharp eyes, the Virgo picks up even the tiniest detail preventing them from making too many mistakes.
  • Problem solvers: No problem is too big for Kanya Rashi and they’ll look outside of the box to find a creative solution. They never quit until a problem has been resolved!
  • Good decision makers: With their analytical and deep-thinking minds, Virgo can make a decision easily without being sidetracked.
  • Composed and helpful: Virgo will go out of their way to help others, especially those they love unconditionally. With their calm nature, Kanya Rashi displays a tremendous amount of patience when dealing with others.
  • Reliable: Virgo takes responsibility seriously and can be counted on for support when you’re down and out.

When summing up the positive side of Virgo, words such as modest, kindness, and faithfulness are used to describe this birth sign. They’re philanthropists with generous natures, seeking to take care of the well-being of others.

Despite the wonderful qualities of Virgo, Kanya Rashi individuals do have weaknesses in their character which could hold them back from being true to themselves. These include:

  • Perfectionism: Too much perfection can result in a person who is nit-picky and obsessive about every tiny detail! This neurotic behavior makes them pedantic about keeping things overly tidy and neat.
  • Attention seeking: Virgo will feel insecure at times and to negate this, they’ll tend towards self-seeking behavior.
  • Overthinking: While having an analytical mind serves Virgo positively, if they allow their worries to run away with them, they become mired in unpleasant thoughts and ideas from overthinking.
  • Stubborn: Kanya Rashi doesn’t take suggestions from others easily even if they’re right and will shoot down any guidance or advice if they don’t want to listen!
  • Judgemental: Virgos can be harsh critics especially if they think someone isn’t trying as hard as they think they should be. Kanya Rashi will judge another person’s actions brutally if they feel so inclined!

Other negative aspects of Virgo include being insecure in love relationships, and fearing the worst whenever they feel threatened. They can be guilty of clinging to their loved ones. People born under this sign can be self-critical, have a deep-seated fear of failure, and will rarely ask for help. 

Lucky Virgo Lottery Numbers

Lucky Virgo lottery numbers for those born between August 23 and September 22 have been defined by astrologists and numerologists to include the following:

  • 2
  • 5
  • 6

The number 5 is considered the luckiest of the three mentioned above. Two other lucky numbers are 3 and 7. Some astrologists include the following numbers as being lucky for Kanya Rashi:

  • 14
  • 15
  • 23
  • 32
  • 41
  • 50

Using combinations that add up to 2, 5, and 6 are lucky numbers such as 11, 14, and 15. Multiples of these single digits such as 4, 10, and 18 can also be picked when playing the lottery.

Why Are Virgo (Kanya Rashi) Lottery Numbers Important?

The Kanya Rashi lucky numbers 2, 5, and 6 are said to be prosperous numbers for Virgos, bringing them wealth and abundance. With such powerful energies attached to these numbers, it makes them doubly important when playing a lottery game.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi) lottery numbers become essential for the perfectionist player who starts to overanalyze which digits to put on their lotto ticket! To prevent this from becoming a problem, Virgos can rely on their astrological numbers and their combinations and multiples when playing for a windfall.

Numbers to Avoid

Similar to most other zodiac signs, the number 13 is considered unlucky for Virgo as well. Avoid using this number as well as the following if you want to keep bad luck away:

  • 26
  • 39

Numerologists recommend that Virgo lottery players should never play on the 13th day of any month. Knowing this will prevent you from wasting a ticket on games where the draw takes place on this part of the month.

Why You Should Trust the Virgo Horoscope Lottery Numbers

Every number has an energetic vibration and trusting your Virgo horoscope lottery numbers adds more emphasis and luck to these digits. Some gaming sites will give you lucky horoscope numbers on a daily basis while other players use psychics to help them win the lottery. Both avenues are relying on the energy of that moment when picking Virgo horoscope numbers for any particular day.

The overthinking Virgo would prefer using lottery software and prediction tools to find their horoscope numbers, saving them the angst of picking the right digits. Using your horoscope to predict numbers for lottery games being played tomorrow, or even a month or two ahead simplifies the decision-making process when planning for games in the future.

Lottery Playing Style of Virgo

Being the perfectionists that they are, Virgos are extremely organized and this sometimes shows in the way they methodically play lotto games. The problem-solving streak of Kanya Rashi encourages them to approach each game looking for creative ways of devising lucky numbers. They avoid lottery quick picks vs choosing their own numbers, believing the odds are better.

Virgos love to calculate the probability of winning the lottery which appeals to their analytical and observant mind. When feeling confident, Kanya Rashi won’t hesitate to buy multiple tickets for a number of lottery games.

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Virgo Lottery Numbers

1. Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest a Win

The universe responds positively when you tap into the infinite potentials available “out there!” Combining the law of attraction together with your lucky Virgo lottery numbers creates a powerful manifesting tool you shouldn’t ignore.

When you discover the concepts of manifestation and apply this strategy to buying tickets for a game, you could win the lottery with the law of attraction. The basic principle is wherever your attention goes, energy will flow. By focusing on a lottery game and the numbers you’ve picked, you’re amping the energetic vibrations surrounding that particular event.

2. Find Lottery Games With the Best Odds

If you tend to worry about finding the right lottery games to play, pick those with the best odds. Games such as Mega Millions or US Powerball that offer huge jackpots are enticing but come with fewer chances of hitting the bonanza. Rather opt for easy-to-win lotteries that give you the best odds when it comes to winning a game.

Factors that determine an easy-to-win lottery include:

  • Fewer balls that are drawn such as pick 3 game
  • Smaller lotteries that don’t have as many players buying tickets on them
  • Games that give you a prize when picking the correct 2, 3, or 4 numbers in a draw

Some online platforms will tell you which lottery has the best odds, making it easier for you to find the right game. The filtering system of LottoAgent helps you find the winning odds.

Filtering system of LottoAgent

3. Use the Lottery Wheeling Strategy

Virgos like to pick their own numbers and using the lottery wheeling system gives you a systematic approach to finding the lucky lottery digits. You can choose your Kanya Rashi lucky numbers and apply them to the wheeling strategy which then organizes them into scientific combinations.

The trick here is to apply more numbers when wheeling to increase the number of combinations which in turn ups the chances of winning the jackpot.

4. Use Your Lucky Days

Playing on Virgo lucky days increases the energetic vibration of your lottery numbers. Astrologists have identified Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday as being Kanya Rashi’s lucky days. Wednesday is considered the luckiest of the three days.

Virgos are in luck as many of the big lottery games are played on Wednesdays!

5. Read Books Written by Lottery Winners

While you may know many strategies for winning the lottery, reading how winners hit the jackpot could give you extra tips and tricks to use. Some of the best lottery books to buy include winning formulas, insights to what steps to take when buying a ticket, and using astrology to get a prize or two.

Lottery books are often authored by former jackpot winners and tapping into their secrets increases your chances of winning with your Virgo lucky numbers.

6. Play Your Lucky Numbers at Every Draw

Playing your lucky numbers at every draw has a number of advantages including not having to overthink or calculate the odds of a certain game. Believing in your birth sign lucky lottery numbers increase their magical universal powers too, potentially making them more attractive in a draw.

Lotteries Ideal for Virgo

Virgo players looking for an online lottery site offering a large number of games will love TheLotter site. With over 40 lotteries available, it’ll be easy to find ones that offer the best odds of winning the jackpot while still giving you the option to play more popular games.

Lotteries Ideal for Virgo


For the confident Kanya Rashi player who prefers to plan ahead and buy bundles, the online LottoSmile platform is a good option for this playing style. What’s more, there are over 40 lotteries to pick from including Mega Millions and Euro Millions.

Online LottoSmile platform


For the beginner Virgo player venturing into lottery games, the 24Lotto platform is a good place to start. It’s user-friendly with a streamlined layout making it easy to navigate the various pages. The site also includes lottery winners around the globe, increasing the excitement of playing the game.

Lottery winners around the globe


Does Playing the Lucky Virgo Lottery Numbers Guarantee a Win?

The odds of winning the jackpot of your dreams are low with one in 300 million players scoring the winning numbers all in a row. But, this shouldn’t discourage you from playing your lucky Virgo lottery numbers. While you’re not guaranteed a win, you can be strategic while having fun at the same time using the tips mentioned in this article to improve the odds.

It’s not unusual to have some numbers luckier than others, showing up in draws every time. Those in the know have identified these to be 4, 10, 11, 19, and 22. Both 4 and 10 are already determined to be Virgo lucky numbers, so Kanya Rashi players are a step ahead in the lady luck department!

Relying on your Virgo observant skills will stand you in good stead when picking recurring lottery numbers that are more likely to give you a win.

Final Thoughts

With the Virgo playing style relying on being strategic, analytical, and observant, Kanya Rashi players have a number of approaches to playing the lottery. Picking online sites with a wider variety of games increases your odds as a Virgo player. And, you still have the opportunity to play the “big one” when your intuition guides you in that direction.

Playing your lucky Virgo (Kanya Rashi) lucky lottery numbers today or next week is a fun and creative way of unraveling the puzzle when trying to find the winning combination. What could be more enticing than this for the problem-solving Virgo? Now all you have to do is focus on how to claim your winning lottery prizes!