Best Online Lotteries in the World You Can Play (Genuine Only!)

AUD 1 million jackpot offered every Wednesday!
Play for a €2 million jackpot twice a week for as low as €1.50 in Luzzu Lotto.
Your chance to become billionaire in pesos which start at COP 4 billion in the minimum guaranteed jackpot.
Christmas lottery with € 4 million in main prize!
Play Peru Tinka online to win a jackpot worth nearly €500,000.
Summer raffle with a minimum prize pot of €120 million!
€100,000 played twice a day for €0.50 per ticket!
€1 million played daily for €1.50 per ticket!
One of the best odds for jackpots between JPY 200 and 600 million!
Play Japan Loto 7 online at the Lotter and hit a massive jackpot worth €5 million.
Hit a minimum jackpot of 12 billion Vietnamese Dong when you play Vietnam 6/45 online.
Match 6 balls and win a jackpot starting at VDN 30 billion!