Michael Carroll: Famous Lottery Winner From the UK

Michael Carroll was a mere 19 years old when he won the jackpot from the UK National Lottery. He enjoyed celebrity status for a time and was labeled a “lotto lout” by the tabloids. Michael was also a self-proclaimed King of Chavs.

Michael Carroll

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According to news reports, Michael Carroll lived a high-stakes lifestyle after winning the lottery. Read on to find out how much money Michael won, what he spent his fortune on, and where he is today.

Michael Carroll – Life Before the Win

Michael Carroll was born on March 29 1983 in Swaffham Norfolk. His father was a Royal Airforce engineer and his mother worked in a canning factory. When Michael was 18 months old his father was put in prison for 11 years for stabbing a couple after an altercation during his night out at a club.

Carroll’s father died when he was 10 years old. His mother dated other men but one, in particular, was abusive toward Michael. Carroll also mentioned that he has ADHD and is dyslexic.

When Michael was 13, he was arrested for shoplifting and spent some time in Hollesley Bay Prison. It was at the prison where Michael learned to read and write. At the age of 19, Michael Carroll got a job as a binman.

How Much Money did Michael Carroll Win?

In 2002, Michael Carroll won £9.7million from the UK National Lottery. Michael chose the lump sum option and the UK National Lottery doesn’t tax winners. Therefore the full  £9.7million was paid to Michael. On the other hand, at the time Michael didn’t have an open bank account. When he tried to open one he was turned down due to his criminal record.

Michael Carroll Winning Numbers & Strategy

Unlike other famous lottery winners such as Richard Lustig and Stefan Mandel, Michael didn’t have a specific lottery strategy. He spent £1 on a lottery ticket and left it up to luck to win. The winning numbers for the lottery were 5, 28, 32, 39, 42, 48, and a bonus number of 21.


Michael Carroll

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The Reaction of Winning the Jackpot

Michael Carroll was excited after winning the lottery. He quit his job as a binman and made many promises to donate his money to charities. He also had a modest dream to simply buy a three-bedroom house by a lake so he could go fishing. But, fortune and fame got the better of Michael and he landed up not keeping any of his promises. This could be because he was a young winner who had no financial guidance. 

What Did Michael Carroll Do with the Money?

News reports state that Michael Carroll spent his entire fortune in 10 years on prostitutes, drugs, alcohol, and lavish cars. A week after winning the lottery he gave away £4 million. He also spent £390,000 on an eight-bedroom mansion in Norfolk that quickly ran into disrepair.

Michael Carroll also stated that he would often go on lavish holidays to Costa del Sol. In 2005 his accountant warned him that he was down to his last million.

Where is Michael Carroll Now?

Michale Carroll was declared bankrupt in 2013 and was back on job seekers allowance. He then moved into a hotel room for homeless people for three months while he struggled to find work. Michael then worked at a biscuit factory and then got his license to work in an abattoir. 

According to news reports, Michael remarried his ex-wife who left him because of his drug-taking and the fact that he cheated on her with prostitutes. Carroll, who is now 38 years old, is living a quiet life in Belfast with his wife and child. Friends state that Michael has calmed down a lot after losing his millions. Carroll himself said that he would probably be dead if he still had his fortune.

Michael also said, “It didn’t go wrong – it was the best 10 years of my life for a pound. I don’t look back with any regrets that are for sure.” 

Michael Carroll Social Media Accounts

Mirror UK mentioned that Michael Carroll announced his engagement to his now Wife Sandra on Facebook. Michael may have his Facebook account set to private because it can’t be found on the platform. There are no reports of Michael having a Twitter or Instagram account.

Books related to Michael Carroll

To learn more about Michael’s lottery win there is a book you can buy from Amazon called Careful What You Wish for: The Story of Michael Carroll’s Lottery Win. The book talks a bit about Michael’s childhood and the moments leading up to his big lottery win. The book also discusses what Michael did during his fortune and how he lost it all.


Michael Carroll

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What Michael Carroll Could Have Done Better?

It would seem that Michael Carroll’s lottery win gave him the opportunity to delve into his most carnal desires. He spent his entire fortune on drugs, alcohol, lavish holidays, and cars. But Michael said it was the best 10 years of his life and he wouldn’t change a thing about the past.

However, if Michael Carroll wanted to continue being a millionaire he could have invested his money and saved so that he could provide for his wife and child. The responsible thing to do is to get a team of financial advisors to help manage finances.

But Michael wanted to have fun with his winnings which he did. At the time, it cost him his marriage and he landed up in a homeless hotel after being declared bankrupt.


Is Michael Carroll still alive? 

Yes, Michael Carroll is still alive and lives in Belfast with his wife and daughter. He now works as a coalman.

Does Michael Carroll still have some of his fortune left? 

No, Michael Carroll was declared bankrupt in 2013 and was living in a homeless shelter. He doesn’t have any money left from his fortune.

Who did Michael Carroll give his  £4 million to? 

Michael Carroll gave his mom, uncle, aunt, and wife £1 million each a week after winning the jackpot.

Final Thoughts

Michael Carroll, similar to Jack Whittacker is the perfect example of what not to do when you win the lottery. You could be set up for life if you save your winnings and invest your money. When dealing with large sums of money it’s important to have professionals to guide you. That’s why most lottery handbooks advise hiring a financial advisor to assist you after a jackpot win.

But Michael Carroll loved the lifestyle he had when he was a millionaire. He spent it the way he wanted to and he stated that he didn’t regret any of it. But for those who want to be financially free for longer, you may want to spend your money wisely. That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend your money on any luxuries. But it’s good to invest so that your money can grow.

At least Michael Carroll is now living a quiet life with his family and he will have some interesting stories to tell his grandchildren one day.