Bitcoin Jackpot

Bitcoin Jackpot

Win 2,000 BTC in equivalent cash value in Multilotto’s Bitcoin Jackpot.

Guide to playing Multilotto’s Bitcoin Instant Lottery

One of the best online lottery betting sites of all time, Multilotto, has recently launched a thrilling new game in Bitcoin Jackpot. A unique game that follows examples from one of the best lotteries, Bitcoin jackpot is based on the Spanish Bonoloto. Just like Spain’s famous lottery, it is played six days a week, taking a day off on Sunday.

Many of you may be wondering why to play this game instead of a lotto. While we can’t deny that lotteries are truly exciting, winning a mountain of Bitcoins as the main prize is more thrilling if you ask us. You will win fresh Bitcoins if you manage to get six out of 49 numbers correctly and win your own hoard of BTC that will surely come in handy.

Available at Multilotto only, Bitcoin Jackpot is a great game that’s very simple to play. Try it right now and you may end up with your pockets full of shiny Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin Jackpot?

As mentioned, Bitcoin Jackpot is a unique game available exclusively to Multilotto players. It’s a jackpot game based on Spain’s famous Bonoloto lottery. As the name obviously suggests, there’s a jackpot full of Bitcoins waiting for you at the end if you’re lucky and hit the six right numbers.

Just like the Bonoloto, it’s a 6/49 lotto game with all online lottery features. This game isn’t sanctioned by any Spain’s national lottery. Instead, it’s run by Multilotto and follows specific rules listed at the website. The winning Bitcoin Jackpot results are published every day on the website as soon as the draw is finished.

The lottery’s top prize is 2,000 Bitcoins worth their weight in fiat money. There are five prize tiers in total, just like in most lotteries. It’s one of the very few lotto games that offer Bitcoins as the top reward, and its great odds make it all the more exciting to play.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of playing for crypto, you should head to Multilotto right now and give it a try.

How to Play Bitcoin Jackpot Online?

Playing Bitcoin Jackpot online is not hard at all. You will obviously need to register at Multilotto first. Click on the Sign Up button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account. Once you’re ready, you can make a deposit with the best online lottery payments methods and fire up the Bitcoin Jackpot lotto game.

Just like with any lotto game, you should pick six numbers out of 49 which you think will be drawn when the time comes. These can be any number you believe has a chance. You can also use a randomize at the site to pick for you or choose from your favorite numbers if you’ve played at the lottery betting site before.

That’s all you need to do on your part. The next step is to wait for the official draw, which, as we mentioned, is live six times a week (Monday-Saturday). The results will be live at the site as soon as the draw is finished. If you’ve guessed the six numbers correctly, you will hit the Bitcoin Jackpot in equivalent value of cash.

What are the Odds of Hitting the Bitcoin Jackpot?

The odds of hitting the Bitcoin Jackpot are 1 in 13 million. Those odds are not half bad and in line with some of the best European lottery games and the top progressive jackpot slots in an online casino. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, there are five prize tiers to win, with the last one rewarding you with €1.50.

Those last prize odds are 1 in 8, which is a pretty good chance to at least buy a cheap lotto ticket.


  • 6 numbers: jackpot
  • 5 numbers: 1,000 BTC
  • 4 numbers: €50
  • 3 numbers: €5
  • 2 numbers: €1.50

With five prize tiers and a top prize worth 2,000 BTC in cash, Bitcoin Jackpot is a unique lotto game worth playing.

Bitcoin Jackpot FAQs

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital alternative to fiat money generated by (digitally) mining special blocks. It is the world’s first and most popular crypto.

Can I play Bitcoin Jackpot with fiat money?

Yes, you can play Bitcoin Jackpot with real money. You won’t need to use your Bitcoin wallet to make a deposit. Place your bets in EUR, and if you win the jackpot, you’ll be paid in fiat money too.

How much can I win in Multilotto’s Bitcoin jackpot?

The main prize for Multilotto’s Bitcoin Jackpot is 2,000 BTC in equivalent cash value. There are five prize tiers, so you can win other rewards too.