China Sports Lottery Superlotto

China Sports Lottery Superlotto

One of two major lottery games enjoying huge popularity with draws taking place three times per week!

Guide to playing China Sports Lottery online

In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about playing China Sports Lottery online. Where to play and how to win are the questions that must be answered right away. That’s what we will try to do. Stay tuned for more!

China Sports Lottery Super Lotto

The China Sports Lottery was established in 1994. It quickly became one of the most popular forms of gambling in China. No wonder: they promise and deliver huge jackpot prizes. And who wouldn’t want to be one of the biggest lottery jackpot winners ever? That’s what we all want. The Chinese Sports Lottery is divided into several sections. You can even bet on sports with their games, or you can participate in lotteries that have drawings every few minutes. In this article, we will tell you more about the first Sports Lottery game, which is still the most popular one: Super Lotto.

China Sports Lottery Super Lotto Rules Explained – Learn How to Play

Similarly to the Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball, you also have to pick numbers from two pools here. However, in the first one, you have numbers from 1 to 35. You have to pick 5 numbers. From the second pool, you have to pick 2. The numbers are from 1 to 12. There are 13 different ways to win the lottery. In order to win the jackpot, you have to get all the five numbers together with the 2 extra numbers right. So, as you can expect at all lotto games, based on the odds, you will always be the underdog. However, if you do win, you will truly win big. So maybe you want to read about the best online lottery tips and tricks. It never hurts to increase your chances thanks to your extra knowledge, does it?

When Can You Hit the Chinese Lottery Jackpot?

Every week gives you triple chances to join the latest lottery winners. The drawings for the China Sports Lottery Super Lotto are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. You better mark these days in your calendar! You might end up winning huge amounts of money on one of these days. So let’s see where and how to play.

Where to Buy China Sports Lottery Super Lotto Tickets Online?

Let’s start with the most important. Unfortunately, as of today, you simply cannot buy tickets for China Sports Lottery online. However, the best online lotto sites are already on it, so hopefully, this will change in the future. Foreigners are legally allowed to buy China Sports Lottery Super Lotto tickets. All they need is a valid passport, a visa, and they must be at the age of at least 18 years. If those requirements are fulfilled, you can buy your tickets if you are in China. This means that you will also be legally able to play the game once they show up at the best Asian online lotteries. Before that happens, you can open an account at and buy Lotto Chin tickets online. We know it’s not the same, but it’s another Chinese national lottery. You might want to try that for now.