China Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball

China Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball

One of two major lotteries in China making sizable charitable contributions to the needed!

Guide to China Welfare Lottery online

In our China Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball guide, we will not only talk about the fact that this is the very first lottery in the Asian country, but we will also tell you many other details. These are important to know if you plan to buy your tickets. Can foreigners play? Who can play? Where can you play? What are the rules and how to pick the lottery jackpot winning numbers? And most importantly can you play China Welfare Lottery online? We will answer you all these, and more. Keep reading!

China Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball – The History

The first drawing for the China Welfare Lottery was held in 1987. It quickly became one of the most popular forms of gambling in the whole country. Especially because it served a good cause as well. The lottery actually supports the disabled, the elderly, the poor and all in all, the vulnerable. In addition, they create new jobs as well, so the Chinese government is quite proud of the Welfare Lottery. There are three different kinds: Lucky 7, 3D Lottery and Double Color. Double Color was the first one. In fact, this game still produces the best lottery breaking stories.

When Are the Drawings for the Lottery?

You cannot complain about the frequency of the drawings. There are 3 drawings every week. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are your favourite days if you want to play this game. These are your best chances to win hundreds of millions of Chinese Yuans. That is a sum of around 14,4 million US Dollars, which is quite a prize.

How to Play China Welfare Lottery Double Color?

The rules for China Welfare Lottery Double Color are quite simple. You have two pools of numbers. In one of them, you can see numbers from 1 to 33. These are the red numbers. You have to pick 6 of these. Then there are blue numbers from 1 to 16. You have to pick only one of those. There are 6 winning lines. If you pick all the 6 lottery winning numbers, and even the blue ball is correct, then you won the jackpot. If your six numbers are good, but the blue number is wrong, you can still take home a decent amount of money. So, there is only one question that you need to learn. Where can you play?

Terms and Conditions – Who can Play China Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball Lottery and Where?

Unfortunately, at the moment, you will browse through the best Asian online lotteries for nothing if you want to buy China Welfare Lottery Double Color Ball tickets online. None of these online lotteries have an agent working in China. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot buy tickets just yet. Nevertheless, it is not a specific game exclusively for Chinese citizens. If you have a valid passport, a visa in the country and you are at the age of at least 18, you can play this game. But then again: you have to be in the country physically. Hopefully the situation will change in the near future and the best online lottery sites will add this lottery to their list. Till then, you can sign up for a new account at and play Lotto China. That is the only national lottery of China that you can play online at the moment.