Spain el Gordo de Navidad

Spain el Gordo de Navidad

Christmas lottery with € 4 million in main prize!

Guide to playing El Gordo de Navidad online

After reading our guide to playing Spain el Gordo de Navidad online you will understand why Spaniards love this game so much. It’s basically the best Christmas gift you can imagine, and your winning odds are way better compared to any other lotteries. Keep on reading for more information!

Is Spain’s Christmas Lottery a Safe and Legit Game?

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is definitely a genuine, fair and legit game. You can ask around within the country. There are hundreds of thousands satisfied customers who won the jackpot, or at least some pocket money on the game. It’s possibly the best Christmas gift they’ve ever gotten! However, as with all things involving money, you have to be very careful with the Spanish Christmas Lottery as well. Unfortunately, there are always people who want to get easy money by abusing others. That is why you have to be super picky when it comes to sites where you register. You should only give your credit card details to sites that deserve your trust. We will help you find such sites. You should read the best online lottery site reviews. We list the best one, you just have to choose whichever you like!

Spain el Gordo de Navidad Online – Who Can Play?

Thanks to our Spain el Gordo de Navidad guide, you already know that it is a legitimate and real lottery. However, many still believe that only those can play who live in Spain. Or at least you have to be physically present in the Mediterranean country. These are both false statements. Thanks to the best online lottery ticket shops, almost anybody can participate in the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Obviously, you have to meet certain standard requirements. For example, you have to be at the age of at least 18. That is the bare minimum for all lotteries. In some states, the age is 19, in others, 21. In addition, there are certain restrictions based on territories as well. Find a site where you can register and where they also sell el Gordo de Navidad tickets online! That’s where you need to have an account. But what are those sites?

The Best Sites – Where to Buy el Gordo de Navidad Tickets Online?

It is never easy to find the best online lottery betting sites. That is why we are here for you. Our task is to help you find the best online lotto sites where you can buy Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets online. For such sites, our top suggestion is definitely Lottoland. On this page, you can even read a short guide about the game. They explain how to play, how much you can win and some other information as well. And, of course, you can buy the ticket and win the money! That’s the best, we can all agree on that one. Another site you need to check out is LottoGo. If you can, you should open an account at both these sites. They cover various national lotteries from all over the world. They accept players from almost everywhere. These sites are the absolute best.

El Gordo de Navidad Loteria – Your Lottery Jackpot Winning Odds

Now that you registered a new account at both LottoGo and Lottoland, it’s time to learn more about your jackpot winning chances. The first thing you need to know is the fact that upon playing the Spanish Christmas Lottery, you have one of the best chances in the world to win something. You have exactly 1 in 6,5 odds to win money if you play. The lottery prizes vary from €1 000 to €4 million. For the main jackpot prize, your odds to win are 1 in 100 000. That is by far the best odds you can find at any lottery ever. So, there’s only one thing left for you to do… and that is register at those sites! And of course, learn about the rules and the best ways to play. Let us explain that as well.

Lottery Guide – Learn the Rules to Win the Spanish Christmas Lottery

At el Gordo de Navidad Loteria, they sell a total of 100 000 tickets. All these tickets contain 5-digit numeric codes from 00000 to 99999. Each ticket will have 10 shares. If you buy only 1 share of the jackpot winning ticket, you will win 10% of the jackpot. If you buy all 10, you will get the whole jackpot yourself. That’s pretty much the el Gordo de Navidad lottery rules explained. The numeric codes are sold in 172 copies. It means that there are a total of 172 million tickets to buy for the game. They reveal the lottery jackpot winning numbers every year on the 22nd of December. Make sure you buy your tickets by then!