Gold Lottery

Gold Lottery

Play for either 10 kgs. or 1 ton of gold in Multilotto’s Gold Lottery.

Guide to playing Multilotto’s Gold Lottery Online

The gold rush has struck Multilotto! Win up to 10 kgs. of gold in the Gold Lottery, a unique lotto game you can only play at Multilotto. The regular game offers a top reward worth its weight in gold, but you can win a ton more of it if you place an extra bet on the Boost Jackpot. If you want to feel that incredible gold rush, it’s time to hit Multilotto’s Gold Lottery.

Multilotto is one of the best online lottery betting sites. It offers a wide range of lotto games for fans of the game of chance, and a few of its own pieces as well. Bitcoin Jackpot was a huge hit for players, but the Gold Lottery is the lotto site’s grand game. With a ton of gold on offer for the luckiest players, you will surely enjoy this massive gold rush. Pick your numbers right now and go hunt the jackpot. Even if you don’t hit it, you have a total of 7 prize tiers to score

What is Gold Lottery?

The Gold Lottery is a unique lotto game exclusive to Multilotto. The premier lotto website features numerous unique titles, but this one takes all the plaudits.

It’s a lotto game with a boosted jackpot option. There are six draws per week (Monday to Saturday), with only the Sunday off. With 7 prize tiers and a jackpot worth a ton of gold (really!), the Gold Lottery is one of Multilotto’s premier games.

How to Play Gold Lottery Online?

Playing the Gold Lottery online is very simple. Obviously, you’ll need to sign up at Multilotto. This is a very simple process that won’t take a few minutes of your time. Hit the Sign Up button and enter the required information. Confirm your profile via the email you just received and you’re good to go.

To play the game, you will need to deposit money into your account. This can be done with some of the best online lottery payment methods featured on our site. Once your account is funded, all that remains is to place your bet on Gold Lottery numbers and wait for luck to strike.

You need to pick six out of 49 numbers and a bonus number from the 1-42 pool. The six main numbers must match Spain’s Bonoloto numbers to hit the jackpot. When it comes to the bonus number, it must match the first number drawn in Poland’s Mini Lotto.

Once you confirm your numbers, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the results. The good news is that Multilotto’s software allows you to pick random numbers or choose from your favorite ones. Of course, you can also enter the numbers manually. You can also follow trends and see the hot and cold numbers and check the results of previous draws.

What are the Odds of Hitting the Gold Lottery Jackpot?

The odds to hit the Gold Lottery jackpot are 1 in over 587 million. Those are not exactly stellar odds, but keep in mind that the main prize is a ton of gold. The jackpot can be hit by getting the six numbers right and the bonus number too. That means placing a bet on the Boost Jackpot which promises a reward beyond your imagination.

Even if you don’t win tons of gold, there are 7 prize tiers to score from. Getting the six numbers right will bring you €20,000, which isn’t a bad prize at all.


  • 6 numbers + bonus: jackpot
  • 6 numbers: €20,000
  • 5 numbers + bonus: €5,000
  • 5 numbers: €500
  • 4 numbers + bonus: €500
  • 4 numbers: €10
  • 3 numbers + bonus: €10

With 7 prize tiers, there are some pretty great prizes on offer even if you don’t hit the jackpot. That’s what makes the Gold Lottery so popular among Multilotto players.

Gold Lottery FAQs

When does the Gold Lottery take place?

There are six weekly draws for the Gold Lottery. You can play it every day from Monday to Saturday at 21:30.

How much can I win in Multilotto’s Gold Lottery?

There are seven prize tiers in the Gold Lottery, with the top prize being 10 kgs. of gold. If you play the Boost Jackpot bet, the prize is 1 ton of gold.

How do I activate the Boost Jackpot in Gold Lottery?

To activate the Boost Jackpot, find it under the ticket and click on the checkmark.