Jackpot Lotto

Jackpot Lotto

€100,000 played twice a day for €0.50 per ticket!

Guide to playing JackpotLotto instant lottery

JackpotLotto is Jackpot.com’s instant lottery which offers daily jackpots up to €100,000 for only €0.50 per ticket. It is one of the best instant lotteries which offer high-tech and secure virtual draws frequently. Instant lotteries have been gaining popularity at the best online lottery sites lately thanks to their inexpensive ticket prices and lucrative rewards. Following this trend, JackpotLotto also offers low ticket prices, a huge daily jackpot of €100,00 and frequent draws which take place twice a day.

If you are a lottery enthusiast who enters lottery draws frequently, then you can subscribe to JackpotLotto draws and buy lines as cheap as €0.09. We can safely state that JackpotLotto offers one of the cheapest fees per line among the popular online lotteries. Moreover, it is hosted by a safe and legitimate online lottery platform, Jackpot.com. You can read more about this prestigious online lottery site in our in-depth Jackpot.com review. Jackpot.com’s main aim is rendering the best US and European lotteries online available globally along with offering innovative lottery games like JackpotLotto. Let’s have a look at this special lottery project of Jackpot.com in our JackpotLotto review!

How to Play JackpotLotto Online

JackpotLotto is built on a 6 out of 50 matrix. You need to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 50 along with a Jackpot Ball number from 1 to 5. In order to win the fixed jackpot, you need to guess all the winning numbers including the Jackpot Ball number. You can fill a JackpotLotto lottery ticket wherever you are using your computer or mobile device. All you need is internet connection.

First thing you need to play JackpotLotto online is a free account at Jackpot.com. Simply navigate to this popular online lottery betting site, fill out the registration form and verify your account. It is an easy and straightforward process. Once you have a verified account, you can top it up using one of the best online lottery payment methods available at Jackpot.com. If you bag winnings, you can again use an online payment solution to withdraw your winnings from the cashier.

Once you have money in your account, you can go to the Lotteries section of the website and select JackpotLotto in the list. Afterwards, it is all about calling your muse and filling out the tickets with your lucky numbers. You can also choose the Quick Pick option if you don’t want to fill the tickets on your own.

You can enter JackpotLotto draw twice a day and every day of the week. The draws take place 13:40 CET and 20:40 CET. In order to enter a draw, you need to submit your ticket at least 10 minutes before the afternoon draw and minimum 30 minutes before the evening draw.

The draws are handled through the Insured Random Number Generator technology. It is a system which holds draws and time stamps the results automatically without any intrusion. Jackpot.com is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, so this system is checked regularly by them.

JackpotLotto Prizes and Winning Odds

JackpotLotto’s fixed jackpot is €100,000 which can be claimed by guessing all the 6 winning numbers and the Jackpot Ball number correctly. Although the jackpot amount is lower than the ones offered by the popular lotteries like Powerball and EuroMillions, the ticket cost is much lower. If you enter a single draw, you’ll pay €0.50 per line. However, you can reduce the cost down to €0.09 per line by purchasing a monthly subscription. This way the system automatically enters every draw on your behalf. Since it is only 9 cents per line, you can enter quite many draws without spending a fortune.

If you fail to guess all the winning numbers, you still have a chance to claim a free lottery ticket bonus. You need to guess the Jackpot Ball number in order to claim your free lottery ticket.

The odds of winning the JackpotLotto grand prize is more favourable than hitting the jackpots of the popular national lotteries. Your chance of bagging the €100,000 prize is 1:79,453,500. Your chance of winning a free lottery ticket bonus is 1:5.

JackpotLotto Review – Final Verdict

It is not a secret that JackpotLotto’s jackpot amount is much lower than its competitors. It is not the lottery that you are looking for in order to be a millionaire. However, considering the extremely cheap ticket prices and favourable odds, it is worth the chance. The subscription offer is extremely appealing, especially.