Japan Loto 6

Japan Loto 6

One of the best odds for jackpots between JPY 200 and 600 million!
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Monday, Jul 22, 2024


JPY 200 Million
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Guide to playing Japan Loto 6 online

There are many things you need to know when playing this game, but our Japan Loto 6 guide will answer all your questions. Japan’s national lottery had its first draw on October 5, 2000. By today, it has become the most popular lottery in Japan. And now you can find tickets to Japan Loto 6 online. Let’s start with the basics – how can one win the Japanese lotto jackpot? Don’t worry, later on, we will also give you guides to win the lottery.

Japan Loto 6 – What Are the Lottery Rules?

Okay, we will tell you the most important details first. That always makes things easier. So, as the name suggests, in the Japanese Lottery, there are numbers in one pool from 1 to 43. You have to pick 6 numbers. If all your six numbers end up being the lottery jackpot winning numbers, then, well, congratulations. You’re rich! The jackpot can reach hundreds of millions of Japanese Yens, which sounds amazing. However, the currency is pretty weak, unfortunately, but your jackpot is still above €1 million. Which is a nice sum to everybody, I assume. You have a chance to win this prize twice a week. The drawings are held every Monday and Thursday. Please note that you have to pick a bonus number too. However, it only helps you for the second prize. For the main jackpot, you do not even need the correct bonus number. And the jackpot should be your goal!

What Are My Odds to Win the Japanese Lottery?

The fact that the bonus number is not needed for the jackpot prize makes your chances better. However, based on your odds, you will still remain underdog at all times. Your odds to win Japan Loto 6 are 1 in 6 096 454. Even if you have the key to winning the lottery, you will not have an easy task. But then again, practice can turn you into the master of everything – even hitting the lotto jackpot! In addition, even as low as three correct predictions will win you some money on the Japanese Loto. For this, your odds are 1 in 39. For the second tier, your lottery winning odds are 1 in 1 016 076.

Correct Numbers Odds
6 1 : 6 096 454
5+1 1 : 1 016 076
5 1 : 28 224
4 1 : 610
3 1 : 39

Japan Loto 6 Online – Is It Legal, Genuine, and Fair?

As we have written above, Japan Loto 6 has been around and paying hundreds of millions of Yens to the Japanese since 2000. They have been around for 2 decades. Of course, it is a genuine lottery, with fair payments. You have nothing to worry about, regarding this issue. However, there is one thing you need to pay special attention to. At all times, you have to make sure to put your credit card details on sites that deserve your trust. Read our online lottery site reviews to make sure you won’t run into any fraud activity. And now let’s see where you can buy Japanese lotto tickets online!

Where to Buy Tickets to Japan Loto 6 Online?

You must be aware of the fact that it is never easy to find the best online lottery sites. We are here to help you pick the correct ones. Read our detailed reviews about the best online lotto agents. You will find all the information you need. Available lottery games, new player bonuses, supported payment methods… everything you need to know, you will find out if you read our ratings. For Japanese Loto, we recommend theLotter. It is the best site that sells Japan Loto 6 tickets. But who do they sell these to? Check out that as well!

Terms and Conditions – Can Foreigners Buy Japanese Loto 6 online Tickets?

Those who live outside of the Japanese borders often worry. Can we buy Japan Loto tickets? Can we buy it legally? Luckily, online lottery sites make it possible for anyone from anywhere to buy basically any lottery tickets. The best part is, it is completely legal. If you are above the age of 18 years, you can join one – or many – of the best online lottery sites. Those sites offer dozens of lotteries from all around the world. If you’re mainly interested in the Eastern part of the world, be sure to check out the best Asian online lotteries!