Brazil Mega-Sena

Brazil Mega-Sena

BRL 2 million as a minimal jackpot in this highly popular and lucrative game!
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Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024


BRL 93 Million
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Guide to playing Brazil Mega-Sena online

After reading about playing Brazil Mega-Sena online, you will be familiar with the most important details regarding this lottery. What are the rules? How can you win? How much can you win? What are your odds to win? Where can you buy Mega-Sena online? These are the questions we will answer. Keep on reading if you want to find out!

Brazil Mega-Sena Online – What are the Rules?

Basically, as the name suggests, there are numbers from 1 to 60 in the pool. You have to pick 6 numbers. If all your 6 numbers are correct, then congratulations, you managed to find the lottery jackpot winning numbers. And hence you won the jackpot, which means you became a millionaire in Brazilian Real. Currently, you need around 6 Brazilian Reals for 1 Euro. So, a jackpot of 6 million Reals is a jackpot of 1 million Euros. The actual prize is bigger at the moment. Anyway, you have three ways to win. You claim the main prize if all your 6 numbers are correct. If you missed only 1 and have 5 winning numbers, you got the second prize. The third tier pays at 4 winning numbers. These are the three ways to win at the Brazil Mega-Sena 6 of 60 lottery. Now let’s see what your chances are!

Brazil Mega Sena Odds to Win a Jackpot

First, let’s see your odds of winning the jackpot. As there are 60 numbers and you need 6 correct guesses, your odds to hit the jackpot are exactly 1 in 50 063 860. You will always be the underdog. However, you can better your chances if you read the best online lottery strategies. To win the second or third tiers, you have way better odds. Obviously, the jackpot prize is that much lower too. In addition, we can only give you a more or less number, thanks to the unique features of the game. You can buy several lines, hence increasing your chances. Your odds to win the Tier 2 are around 1 in 154 518, while your Tier 3 winning odds are 1 in 2 332. These odds are for single entries. Your odds can vary depending on the quantity of numbers you play.

Where to Buy Brazil Mega-Sena Tickets Online – Pick the Best Sites

Let’s start with some actual suggestions. The top three sites where you can buy Brazil Mega-Sena tickets online are Multilotto, Lotto Agent and WinTrillions. If you have an account at any (or all) of these sites, then you can buy your tickets right away. If not, you can open an account to be able to do so. However, if you still seek alternatives, we recommend you to carefully read the best online lottery site reviews. We provide you with the most important details regarding online lotto sites. Whatever is there to know, we will let you know. Be sure to pick the perfect site for you! Make sure you are comfortable with the available payment methods and that the site has all the online lotteries you wish to play. Don’t settle, you have too many options. You will surely find the one you were looking for!