Mexico Melate

Mexico Melate

Old yet very dynamic lottery game with not caps on jackpots and rollovers. And is available online.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


MXN 245.5 Million
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Guide to playing Mexico Melate lotto online

Our guide is here to commemorate the most popular lottery in Mexico. Okay, no need to commemorate, it’s not dead. In fact, it’s quite alive! Let’s see all the things you need to know about Melate, the Mexicans’ favourite! However, before you go on, please read the best online lottery tips and tricks. That way, you will know how to increase your lottery jackpot winning chances. Which is literally the whole point of playing the Melate lotto online!

When Are the Drawings for Mexico Melate Lottery?

Mexico Melate lottery gives you two chances to grow rich every week. The lottery draws take place on Wednesdays and Sundays. They start the ceremony at 9:15 PM (GMT – 5, CDX). Buy discounted lottery tickets online and turn Wednesdays and Sundays your favorite days! How? Let us give you a few sites where you can hit the Mexican lotto jackpot!

Where can You Buy Mexico Melate Lottery Tickets?

If you want to buy Mexico Melate 6 of 56 lottery tickets, you came to the perfect place! First of all, let me tell you all about sites like Lottoland and theLotter. Of course, it’s obvious that you are here to read about the lotto itself, so we will not waste your time. Read the best online lottery site reviews. We list only trustworthy partners. In addition, in those ratings, we tell you all about the important aspects for buying lotto tickets online. Please take a look at the available online lotteries! Not all those sites allow you to buy Mexico Melate tickets. Make sure you join a site where you can actually buy tickets to your favourite games. In this case, for Mexico’s Melate.

Mexico Melate Guide: About the Lottery Rules

Okay, now you know when Melate is drawn, and you know where to buy your tickets. What you still don’t know is how to play, so it is time to learn that as well. As the name suggests, there are numbers from 1 to 56. You need to pick the six lottery jackpot winning numbers. However, you can win even if you get only 2 correct numbers. That’s quite impressive! In addition, there is a 7th number. They also draw it from the same pool. It does not have any effect on your jackpot. It only helps deciding about the second tier prize.

What Are Your Odds to Win Mexico Melate Lottery Jackpot?

We understand that the most important thing you want to know is your chances to win the greatest prize. We always want the best for ourselves, there is no shame in that. In fact, ambition should always be appreciated. That’s why we tell you your lottery jackpot winning chances. To hit the 6 correct numbers at Melate, your odds are exactly 1 in 32 468 436. Obviously, you might increase your chances if you have read the best guides to win the lottery, but mathematically speaking, your odds are there. No more, no less. However, if you pick only 2 winning numbers, you already won. Your odds for that are 1 in 10. Which means that if you buy 10 tickets, at least one of them is likely to win. So, when are you buying your Melate tickets?