New Zealand Lotto

New Zealand Lotto

NZ$1 million jackpot that can rise to NZ$5 million if you play the Powerball option.
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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024


NZD 1,000,000
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Guide to playing New Zealand Lotto Online

The New Zealand Lotto Online is NZ’s national lottery game available every day. Organized by Lotto NZ, it’s one of the most popular lotteries you can play at The Lotter. The New Zealand Lotto online follows the standard rules of the game and is available to players twice a week.

The NZ lotto exploded in popularity in the past decade with thousands of fans joining in on the fun. This is a 6-number lotto game with a jackpot set at NZ$1 million and six additional prize divisions. Its popularity led the NZ Lotto to create Powerball Lotto, which is essentially the same NZ lotto with the Powerball option added.

You can try this great Kiwi lotto variant at the best online lottery sites. With a jackpot to hit at NZ$1 million and six numbers to pick, it’s a lottery that gives you great chances to win big.

What is New Zealand Lotto Online?

New Zealand Lotto online is a lottery organized by the national lottery agency in NZ. It’s the most popular national lotto game that has been going strong for a few decades. The Powerball Lotto adds a progressive jackpot to the regular NZ lotto, allowing you to win an even bigger jackpot.

As mentioned, the NZ online lotto jackpot is NZ$1 million. That’s not the biggest jackpot we’ve seen, but it’s definitely a solid option for Kiwis. Anyone can play the lottery by registering at The Lotter.

How to Play New Zealand Lotto Online

How to play lottery online guides are not needed for the New Zealand Lotto online. The game is pretty straightforward to play, and the rules are pretty simple. You pick six out of 40 numbers that are randomly selected for each round. A bonus number is also drawn, adding to the lottery’s prize divisions.

Playing the game at The Lotter or any of the best online lottery agents you can see on our pages is very easy, even for beginners. You have various tools at your disposal that will make your life easier. For example, online lotteries allow you to quickly choose from your favorite numbers or pick from a set of randomly generated numbers.

When you’re ready to play the New Zealand Lotto online, place a bet per line and pick the numbers you think will appear. Hitting the jackpot will require you to get all six numbers correctly, with six additional prize divisions available if you don’t. Division seven is the easiest to win – you just need to match any three winning lotto numbers on a single ticket line.

What are the Odds of Winning Lotto NZ Jackpot?

Players have a 1 in 3,838,000 chance to hit the jackpot on NZ Lotto. Those odds are pretty solid, and the fact that there are six additional prize tiers makes it even more exciting.

Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, the odds of winning the lower-tier prizes are much better, so you might not leave a round empty handed.

New Zealand Lotto Online FAQs

Are the New Zealand Lotto online and Powerball NZ Lotto the same?

In theory, yes, the Powerball is a bonus attached to New Zealand Lotto online. It’s a much bigger jackpot than the one you can win in the main game (NZ$5 compared to NZ$1 million).

Can I play New Zealand Lotto online on my phone?

Yes, you can play NZ lotto online on your smartphone or tablet. Download The Lotter app for your Android or iPhone and enjoy NZ’s lotto on the go.

Where to play New Zealand Lotto Online?

Visit the best online lottery betting sites such as The Lotter to place your bets on the six winning numbers in the New Zealand Lotto Online.

Can I use any lottery strategies on New Zealand Lotto online?

Keep an eye on your bankroll and pay attention to the trends, but don’t rely on them too much. Read our lotto strategies to get an idea of what you need to do, but don’t expect miracles to happen - it’s a game of chance.