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Peru Tinka

Play Peru Tinka online to win a jackpot worth nearly €500,000.
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Guide to playing Peru Tinka Online

What image comes to your mind when you hear Peru? We bet it’s either the feisty football team or ancient structures such as Machu Picchu. People from other countries know nothing about theSouth American country’s lottery platform, more specifically Peru Tinka online, which is one of the best in the world.

The lotto game was first launched in 1994. In nearly three decades on the market, it has made dozens of Peruvians millionaires. It is owned and operated by the Intralot de Peru AKA the country’s national lottery. Peru Tinka is the most popular product in its range thanks to the jackpot that starts at PEN 1.5 million. That’s over € 400,000, which isn’t a bad jackpot to win at all.

The game’s format has remained the same in the past 25 years. There have been no major tweaks at all, which is why Peruvians love it so much. The Intralot de Peru prides itself in the transparency of its famous game and the lottery standards it sticks to. Part of the winnings goes back to the community, which is one of the reasons why Peru Tinka is so popular.

What is Peru Tinka?

As mentioned, Peru Tinka is Peru’s premier lottery game. It has a jackpot worth well over €400,000 and has been on the market for around three decades. One of the great things about this lotto game is that it hasn’t changed at all since the beginning. You can try it yourself at the best online lottery agents such as The Lotter and LottoAgent.

One of the most popular lotteries in South America has millions of fans. Peruvians love playing the game due to its transparency and simplicity. Since you can now play it online, you can hit Peru Tinka on your PC or mobile phone and go on the hunt for that sweet jackpot.

How to Play Peru Tinka?

Playing Peru Tinka leaves nothing to the imagination. The game follows the traditional 6/45 format that has been very successful around the world. You need to pick 6 out of 45 numbers correctly to hit the jackpot. Even if you don’t manage to hit it, there are lower-tier prizes so you won’t be empty-handed.

During the draw, there’s also a bonus number called Boliyapa. This is a single number out of 45 that gives you a chance to earn more money. While it has no impact on the jackpot, the Boliyapa determines who wins the other rewards. The Peru Tinka is a rollover lottery. This means that the jackpot will roll over to the next round with no cap on the size. If you’re lucky and there haven’t been any winners for a while, you can win a substantial prize playing Peru Tinka online at The Lotter.

What are the Odds of Hitting the Peru Tinka Jackpot?

The odds to hit the Peru Tinka online jackpot are 1 in just over 8 million. That number is common for most 6/45 lotteries which is great for Peruvians. Other odds out there have much longer odds – this one is in the same range as the Chile, Italian, and Mexican lotteries.

While that number may look like a longshot, the Peru Tinka jackpot has been struck at a rate of five per year. Around 150 Peruvians have won it so far since its inception in 1994. It’s a pretty lucrative and fun lotto that offers solid rewards even on the lower tiers.


The winnings and odds for the Peru Tinka prizes are as follows:

  • 6 numbers: Jackpot
  • 5 numbers + Boliyapa (bonus number): PEN 50,000
  • 5 numbers: PEN 5,000
  • 4 numbers + Boliyapa: PEN 500
  • 4 numbers: PEN 100
  • 3 numbers + Boliyapa: PEN 50
  • 3 numbers: PEN 5
  • 2 numbers + Boliyapa: free ticket

While you’ll be hoping to hit the jackpot, hitting any of the lower-tier prizes is good enough. Play Peru Tinka online at The Lotter regularly and luck might smile down on you to hit the main prize.

Peru Tinka  FAQs

What’s the biggest Peru Tinka jackpot won?

The biggest Peru Tinka rollover jackpot won was in 2018 and stands at PEN 21,300,000, which roughly translates to around €5 million. In 2013, a slightly lower jackpot of PEN 21 million was also won.

Can I use any lottery strategies on Peru Tinka Online?

We suggest going through our best lottery guides to learn how to play the lottery and Peru Tinka. However, please always keep in mind that that lotto is still a game of chance.

Where to play Peru Tinka Online?

You can play Peru Tinka online at LottoAgent and The Lotter, two of the best online lottery agents.