South Africa Lotto

South Africa Lotto

ZAR 2 million as minimum jackpot and very attractive odds!
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Saturday, Jul 20, 2024


ZAR 74 Million
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Guide to playing South Africa Lotto Online

South Africa Lotto is one of the most popular lottery draws in South Africa. It is so popular that 82% of the South African population claim that they played the South African Lotto at some point in their lives and 53% claim that it is the online lottery they have ever played. The National Lottery of South Africa operated by ITHUBA Holdings Proprietary Limited. It offers uncapped jackpots and tax-free cashout. The best of all, you can play South African Lotto online on the best online lottery sites. Read on our detailed South Africa Lotto guide to learn how to play this popular lottery online, winning odds and important facts!

South Africa Lotto, also known as the National Lottery, was established in March 2000. It gained popularity right at the beginning when 800,000 tickets entered the first draw. The number of players increased gradually until the South Africa PowerBall was introduced in 2009. South Africa PowerBall jackpot size is usually larger than the other lottery jackpots in the country. Therefore, it attracts more players. However, South Africa Lotto is still among the lotteries with the biggest jackpots, not only in South Africa but also in the whole of Africa. Moreover, it offers quite favorable winning odds. Let’s dig deep into the ways to play South Africa Lotto online!

How to Play South Africa Lotto Online

South Africa Lotto, which is one of the best African online lotteries, is designed on a 6/52 matrix. It means that you need to choose 6 numbers on a line from 1 to 52. In order to hit the South Africa Lotto jackpot, you need to guess all the 6 winning numbers. During the South African Lotto draws, which take place bi-weekly on every Wednesday and Saturday, there is a bonus number drawn as well. The bonus number contributes to secondary prizes. Speaking of the secondary prizes, there are 7 other prizes besides the jackpot. The minimum requirement to win a South Africa Lotto prize is guessing 2 of the winning numbers and the bonus number. So, the winning odds of a secondary prize is extremely favorable.

Lotto Plus 1 and 2

One of the most innovative features of the South African National Lottery is that you can enter 2 extra draws when you play South Africa Lotto. Entering the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 draws is optional with an additional fee. You enter the additional draws with the same numbers that you choose for the main draw. The Lotto Plus 1 and 2 draws reveal different winning numbers. Therefore, if you fail to win a prize at the main draw, you can bag some cash through the additional draws.

Buy South Africa Lotto Tickets Online

Normally only the residents of South Africa over the age of 18 can play South Africa Lotto online. However, thanks to the best online lottery agents you can buy South Africa Lotto tickets online regardless of where you live using your desktop computer or your mobile device. In order to do so, you need to create a free account at one of the safe and legitimate lottery sites like theLotter. After you have a verified account, you can top up your account and start creating your South Africa Lotto ticket. The lottery agent that you use will enter the draw on your behalf. Your winnings will be credited to your account. You can withdraw your funds through one of the best online lottery payment methods available on your online lottery agent’s website. Also, you should keep in mind that you might need to pay a gambling revenue tax depending on your local gambling laws, although the South African government doesn’t tax the lottery winnings.

Bet on the Outcome of the South Africa Lotto Draw

Another popular way of playing South Africa Lotto online is betting on the draw outcome at one of the best online lottery betting sites like Multilotto. Betting on South Africa Lotto works exactly like playing this lottery at a local lottery shop in South Africa. The only difference is that you don’t enter the actual draw. If you guess the winning numbers of the South Africa Lotto draw, then the jackpot prize of the original draw is paid to you by the lottery site. Betting of the outcome of the South Africa Lotto draw is safe and legal. So, if you’d like to have control over your bet amount, the payment methods that you choose and remain anonymous when you win millions, then this option might be the best for you.

South Africa Lotto Online – The Final Verdict

South Africa Lotto’s biggest jackpot dished out ZAR 110 million in 2018, which is more than USD 9 million. Despite the fact that the South Africa Lotto winning odds (1 in 20,358,520) are not among the best ones, they are still much more favourable than the popular European and the US online lotteries. There have been quite a few jackpot winners so far. Therefore, we can safely state that it is an innovative lottery game which is worth playing due to its relatively favourable odds and the attractive additional draws.