South Africa PowerBall

South Africa PowerBall

Jackpots start at ZAR 3 million and grow until won!
South Africa

Lottery Format:
Double pool: 5/45 and 1/10

Maximum Jackpot:

Minimum Jackpot:
ZAR 3 million
Odds to Jackpot:
1 in 24 million
Odds to any Prize:
1 in 38

Guide to playing South Africa Powerball online

The South Africa Powerball is probably one of the biggest African lotteries online. The Powerball is a progressive lottery meaning that the jackpot will keep on growing until it is won. Within this guide, we take a look at how to play the lottery, your odds of winning it and how to buy the tickets to South Africa Powerball online.

South Africa Powerball Lottery: An Overview

The South Africa Powerball was initially launched in October 2009. The South Africa Powerball became extremely popular not only in the country but the whole continent. So much so, it actually surpassed the other major lottery in the state, the South Africa Lotto.

So, what is there to truly know about the South Africa Powerball? Well, for a start, there are 5 different main-game balls and a 6th Powerball. All balls can be picked from numbers 1-50.

The South Africa Powerball is drawn twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The draws take place at 9pm SAST. One of the best things about the South Africa Powerball is that players are guaranteed a minimum jackpot amount of €195,000. A ticket for the jackpot costs €0.33, which is really quite cheap. However, if you buy South Africa Powerball lottery tickets online, your best bet is to use an independent agent. According to some reports, 82% of South Africa locals play the Powerball!

How to Play

If you’re ready to try your luck and play the South Africa Powerball lottery online, you’re going to need to know the basics. The lotto is a progressive event, meaning that each and every week, the jackpot amount increases. This keeps on happening until someone eventually claims the major prize.

In order to win the South Africa Powerball, you’ll need to match the 5 main numbers and the Powerball. You may not be as pleased to find out that your chances of winning are still only 1 out of 24,435,180. However, in terms of lottery odds, that’s still not all that bad! After all, if the lottery was easy to win, it wouldn’t be special one bit.

So far, the highest win was worth €11.5 million and was hit in February 2019. In the case that you do happen to win the South Africa Powerball, you would receive the payment as a lump-sum. Unfortunately, annuities are not a thing for this lottery. But the good news is that all lottery wins are tax-free. Unlike in many European countries, the South Africa Powerball is without any additional taxation on the prize.

The Bottom Line

Thus, to conclude this South Africa Powerball guide, there’s not much criticism one could direct towards the lotto. In fact, 34% of the money that is generated through ticket sales goes towards a number of charities and causes to help improve the country.

If you’re interested in playing this lottery, you can do so from your own garden! Just head on over to the best online lottery sites to play the South Africa Powerball lottery and you’re good to go. The lottery can be won by players who do not even live in the country!

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