Spain La Primitiva

Spain La Primitiva

€ 2 million in guaranteed jackpot, bi-weekly draws and € 102 million as biggest jackpot won so far!
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Saturday, Jul 20, 2024


EUR 66.5 Million
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Guide to playing Spain La Primitiva online

In this Spain La Primitiva guide we will tell you everything you need to know about this lottery. Keep on reading and learn more about the jackpots of the game as well as the best sites to buy tickets to La Primitiva online. In addition, we will also tell you the rules of the game and your winning odds. Keep reading!

Is La Primitiva Lottery Legit and Safe?

Let us start with the basics. La Primitiva Loteria is a safe and legit lottery. Its history dates back to the 18th century, so it is quite a historic form of gambling. Actually, La Primitiva is one of the oldest lotteries that is still going on. The Ogranismo Nacional de Loterias y Apuestas (ONLAE) has been in charge of organizing the game since 1985. Hundreds of millions of Euros have been paid out among the players. Spain La Primitiva 6 of 49 is a legitimate lottery. However, despite the fact that it is a real and genuine game, you still need to take security measurements. There are several scammers on the Internet. Many sites only try to steal your banking details. Check out the best online lottery site reviews to make sure you only join trustworthy online lottery sites!

Where to Buy your Winning Lottery Tickets Online?

As mentioned above, it is of crucial importance to sign up for a new account at a site that can be trusted. You need to check their gambling license and payment methods. In addition, if you read the Spain La Primitiva guide, you probably want to play this game. One of the best choices to play Spanish La Primitiva Loteria online is joining WinTrillions. You can read our Wintrillions review here. It’s a trustworthy online lottery site with a valid gambling license. In addition, they support several banking methods as well. We recommend that site to play La Primitiva.

Spain La Primitiva Online – Who Can Play?

The lottery is a form of gambling, obviously. As such, all those who want to play, must be at the age of at least 18 years, or older. In addition, if you want to play offline, you have to buy the lotto ticket in Spain. That’s where they sell, it’s that simple. However, the internet has brought several miracles into this world. One of these is the list of the best online lottery sites where you can buy lotto tickets from all over the world. Read our reviews to find out how it works. The point is, you can easily buy tickets online for La Primitiva Loteria. You just have to join a site where you can do it.

La Primitiva Loteria Rules Explained – Learn How to Play and Win

As the name suggests, there are numbers from 1 to 49 in La Primitiva. You have to pick 6 numbers. Besides, there is a second pool of numbers as well. In that one, there are numbers from 0 to 9. You have to pick 1 of those numbers. This will be the so-called Reintegro. If you get all the 6 + 1 numbers right, you win millions of Euros as your jackpot prize. What’s best is the fact that you can win back the official lottery ticket price without getting any of the 6 numbers right. If you picked the right Reintegro, then your lottery ticket was free. Read the best online lottery strategies to increase your chances of picking the right numbers!

Spain La Primitiva – Your Odds to Win the Jackpot

You can keep reading guides to win the lottery, but eventually, it all comes back to your winning odds. This is the most important in the end. At Spain La Primitiva your odds to win the jackpot are 1 in 139 838 160. However, the jackpot prize is not the only way to win money at this game. Check out the table to see how many numbers you have to get right in order to win. On the right side, you can see the actual odds to win that prize.

Your odds to win money on La Primitiva:

6 + PB 1 : 139 838 160
6 1 : 15 537 573
5 + 1 + PB 1 : 20 975 724
5 + 1 1 : 2 330 636
5 + PB 1 : 542 008
5 1 : 60 223
4 + PB 1 : 10 324
4 1 : 1 147
3 + PB 1 : 567
3 1 : 63
0 + PB 1 : 10