Supercar Lotto

Supercar Lotto

Guide to Playing Lottogo’s Supercar Lotto Online

If you’ve ever played a lotto game, you know how it works. You register at any of the best online lottery sites such as Lottogo, you pick a game, place a bet on the numbers, and wait for the draw. You’re playing for jackpots that can be worth millions and also smaller prizes that can range from a few Pounds to hundreds of thousands.

But, what if you could win a supercar in a lotto game? It’s an even more attractive prize than a £1 million jackpot, and precisely what Lottogo’s Supercar Lotto has to offer.

In this lotto game, you’ll be playing for a brand-new, red-hot Ferrari every day. The jackpot is a Ferrari F8 Tributo or a cash alternative. But, why would you pick a cash over rolling the streets in a superb red Ferrari?

The lottery’s draws are held every day of the week, and each one gives you the chance to win the V8 2020 beast. That’s 7 chances per week to add a slick supercar in your garage worth over £200,000. Are you up for the challenge?

What is Supercar Lotto?

One of the best online lottery betting sites, Lottogo, is known for its unique lotto games. None is more unique than the Supercar Lotto which gives you a chance to bring a beastly Ferrari to your garage.

We’re not just talking about decade old Ferraris – you’ll be playing for the 2020 F8 Tributo. The latest Maranello update to the legendary 488 is a real beast of a car that everyone would like to have in their garage.

Supercar Lotto is based on the numbers of the popular Irish Daily Millions lottery. Draws are held every day in 21:00, with your goal being to match six numbers from a pool of 39. Match them all and you can be the new lucky driver behind the wheel of the Maranello beast.

How to Play Supercar Lotto Online

An exclusive Lottogo game, you’ll need to be a registered member of the popular lotto site to play the Supercar lotto. If you’re not, you can create a new profile in minutes. Sign up, log in with your new credentials, then find the Supercar lotto in the library – it won’t be farther away than a few clicks.

Once you do, you can put yourself in the driving seat. A line costs £0.50, so betting on five will set you back £2.50. Place your bets, pick the six numbers, and wait for the draw at 21:00 every day of the week. If you’re lucky enough to hit the six numbers, you’ll find yourself behind the driving seat of the Ferrari F8 Tributo very soon.

If supercars are not your thing and you prefer cash, don’t worry – you can claim a £150,000 alternative. There’s only one prize tier in the Supercar lotto, is it’s not exactly the same as the Daily Million prize tiers. You only have the Supercar to win, but for a bet that costs £0.50 per line, it’s worth it.

What are the Odds of Hitting the Supercar Lotto Jackpot?

The odds to hit the jackpot are the same as in the Daily Million lottery. Matching six numbers comes at odds of 1 in 3,262,623

. There are no other prizes to claim, so you’ll be playing for the supercar every day.

Which isn’t a bad thing by itself. If your luck has run out in other lotteries, maybe playing for a brand-new Ferrari will kick things off once again. Cash is great, but trust us – driving around in a Ferrari beast is greater.


Prize TierOddsJackpot
11 in 3,262,623Ferrari F8 Tributo

Supercar Lotto FAQs

When are the Supercar Lotto draws?

The Supercar Lotto draws are based on the Irish Daily Millions draws. They are held every day at 21:00. The same numbers are in play too – to get the supercar, you need to match the Daily Million numbers.

How much can I win in Lottogo’s Supercar Lotto?

The maximum jackpot you can win in Luzzu Lotto is €2 million. The other two prize tiers feature consolation prizes.

What’s the minimum bet I can place on Luzzu Lotto?

The main and only prize you can win in Supercar Lotto is the brand-new 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo. There are no other prize tiers.

What’s the minimum bet I can place on Supercar Lotto?

Yes, you can. Sign in at Lottogo and you can subscribe to this unique lotto game so you never miss a draw.

Can I subscribe to the Supercar Lotto?

Yes, you can. Sign in at Lottogo and you can subscribe to this unique lotto game so you never miss a draw.

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