Vietnam Power 6/55

Vietnam Power 6/55

Match 6 balls and win a jackpot starting at VDN 30 billion!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


VND 37.86 Billion
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Guide to playing Vietnam 6/55 online

Asia is a goldmine for lottery games and huge jackpots. Japan Loto 7 is one such game, for example, but other Asian countries have their own lotteries that are just as thrilling if not more. Vietnam Power 6/55 online is one of them. Available at Lotto Agent, the Vietnamese lottery is a 6-ball lotto with two jackpots and three prize tiers.

The lotto game is played three times a week. All prizes are drawn in Vietnamese dong or VDN. The Vietnam Power 6/55 is organized by the official national lotto company Vietlott. The company hosts 21 lotteries in total, with the Vietnam Power 6/55 being its top product.

Vietnam Power 6/55 is a massively popular pastime for both young and old players. Many people have reported seeing the lucky numbers in their dreams, which shows how popular lotteries in Vietnam are. Of course, we wouldn’t rely on dreams to hit the jackpot but can suggest you read our best online lottery guides that might improve your winning chances.

What is Vietnam Power 6/55?

The Vietnam Power 6/55 was first launched in 2017. As mentioned, it is organized by Vietlott. In just three short years, it became one of the favourite lotto games in Vietnam and throughout Asia. With the Vietnamese spending over $3 billion on lotteries annually, the Vietnam Power 6/55 was always meant to be a hit.

As mentioned, all prizes in Vietnam Power 6/55 are drawn in VDN – the Vietnamese Dong. It’s a rollover type of lotto, which means that the jackpot is transferred to the next draw when it’s not won. Anyone can participate in the lottery as soon as they’re official of legal age (18).

There are three prize categories in the Vietnam Power 6/55 and two jackpots. To hit the main jackpot, a player must correctly pick 6 numbers. The additional jackpot is much smaller and it is determined by selecting the winning number from the remaining 49 balls.

How to Play Vietnam Power 6/55 Online?

Available at one of the best lottery agents, Lotto Agent, Vietnam Power 6/55 is very easy to play online. It has a 6/55 format, so you need to choose 6 numbers correctly from a pool of 55. Playing the game online gives you a chance to pick random numbers generated by a software or use your favourite numbers. When you’re ready to play, place your bets and pick the six numbers.

When the draw comes, six numbers will be drawn from the drum with a bonus ball drawn at the end. To win the Power Jackpot, you need to hit all six numbers. As mentioned, the main jackpot can be hit with 6 numbers, while the additional can be hit with the seventh.

Keep in mind that the amount of the jackpot is not publicly stated. It is announced at the end of the draw when sold tickets have been calculated.

Since this is a game of chance, there are no lottery secrets that will help you hit the Vietnam Power 6/55 jackpot. However, you can use the best online lottery strategies to play the game smart and hopefully increase your chances of winning.

What are the Odds of Hitting the Vietnam Power 6/55 Jackpot?

The odds to hit the Vietnam Power 6/55 online are not great at 1 in 28 million, at least on paper. With those odds, Vietnam Power 6/55 is one of the best Asian lotteries online. When compared to other lotteries, your chances to hit the jackpot in this one are pretty solid.


Here are the winnings for all five prize tiers in Vietnam Power 6/55:

  • 6 numbers: jackpot starting at VDN 30,000,000,000
  • 5 numbers + extra: jackpot starting at VDN 3,000,000,000
  • 5 numbers: VDN 40,000,000
  • 4 numbers: VDN 500,000
  • 3 numbers: VDN 50,000

Vietnam Power 6/55 FAQs

What’s the maximum jackpot to be won on Vietnam Power 6/55?

The maximum jackpot can be hit with 6 matched numbers and can’t go over 30 billion Vietnamese Dong.

Are the Vietnam Power 6/55 prizes taxed?

Winnings made on the Vietnam Power 6/55 lottery are taxed by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam.

How are Vietnam Power 6/55 winnings paid out?

Winnings in the Vietnam Power 6/55 lottery are paid as one lump-payment in cash. There’s no option for annual installments like other lotteries offer.

What if several players win the jackpot?

If several players were to hit the Vietnam Power 6/55 jackpot, the reward will be equally divided between them.