SuperEnalotto Raffle 2020 to be held on December 19

The annual SuperEnalotto Christmas Raffle is back again this year with 100 players set to win €100,000. Known in Italy as ‘Natale 100×100’, the 2020 draw will take place on December 19, on the Saturday before Christmas.

The mega event will follow the same format as in the past couple of years. All you need to do to take part in the Raffle is buy a SuperEnalotto ticket and add the SuperStar option. There is no extra cost for entry into the luck game.

You will get an alphanumeric code for every SuperEnalotto plus SuperStar combination you buy. A separate draw will be held to randomly select 100 winning codes, and if you match one of these codes, you will win €100,000.

As with previous editions of the event, there are set to be various ways to play the Natale 100×100 – including dedicated system entries and pre-printed gift cards.

SuperEnalotto Raffles have been a key feature for several years, giving players extra opportunities to win big prizes on special occasions. The first Raffle was held to celebrate Easter in 2017. Since then, they have continued to take place a few times a year on the major holidays.

The first Christmas Raffle, held in 2017, was named 20 Nababbi a Natale, and it led 20 ticket holders to win €1 million each. The last two Raffles have been known as Natale 100×100 and have produced even more big winners in Italy.

Lombardy happened to be the luckiest region of the country in last year’s draw, winning 15 of the 100 prizes. Lazio and Emilia Romagna also fared well with 7 winners each.

Tickets for Natale 100×100 will be available from November 14, almost a month before the draw. Ticket holders can also win prizes in the main SuperEnalotto draw on the same day as the Raffle, some even may land the multimillion-Euro jackpot. Visit the Play SuperEnalotto page to take part in the game online.