$235 Million US Powerball Jackpot Ticket Sold in the Tampa Bay, Florida

A yet anonymous player in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area has become an instant multi-millionaire after this weekend’s Powerball lottery drawing resulting in a staggering $ 235 million jackpot.

Multi-million ticket with your weekly grocery?

The winning numbers for March 27 drawing were 6, 14, 38, 39 and 65, with Powerball being number 6. It proved to be an excellent night for hundreds of thousands of ticket holders, especially for one lucky player. 

The information was made public shortly after the draw that the $ 235 million winning ticket was sold in the Publix grocery store in Lutz. It is this year’s fourth Powerball jackpot. 

As of this morning, the fortunate winner has yet to come forward, and thankfully, they have some time to do so – 180 days to claim the $235 million if they choose for their winnings to be paid out over the next 30 years. Alternatively, the winner can also elect to take a one-time lump sum of $160 million, but in that case, he or she must claim their prize within the next 60 days to do so.

Because of the peculiarities of Florida law, the winner cannot remain unanimous. Your identity, other than your home address and phone number, will be revealed to anyone who asks. Regardless of whether they decide to come out to the public to respond to media inquiries to share their winning story, they can already start planning what to do with all that money.

Good start of the year for Powerball players

When the lucky man or woman does present their ticket and earn their winnings, they will join the winners of the three other Powerball jackpots that have been conducted so far this year. 

On January 20, the Maryland player broke the streak of Powerball rollovers by hitting the $731 million jackpot. It was the 6th largest jackpot ever won in lottery history. In the next Powerball drawing on January 23, a player from New Jersey won the $23 million jackpot. And finally, on January 30, another ticket purchased in New Jersey had won $33 million.

For now, the Powerball jackpot will reset to $20 million, with draws continuing every Wednesday and Saturday.