The winner from Scotland finally collects £57.8m EuroMillions jackpot prize

A lottery winner from the South Ayrshire, Scotland, UK has been awarded a £57.8 million jackpot, six months after the draw.

A single ticket-holder had won the top prize in the March 17 draw and the claim for the EuroMillions prize was in the validation process since April. The deadline for submitting a claim for the prize expired at 11:59 pm on Sept 17.

The next day, Camelot announced it was arranging payment to the winner, and a few days later it confirmed the payment had gone through.

Earlier at the end of March, The National Lottery urged the mystery ticket-holder to come forward and claim their prize.

The lucky numbers that won the draw were 05, 07, 08, 16 and 20, and the Lucky Stars were 02 and 12.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ adviser at the UK National Lottery, said they are delighted that they have been able to pay out the amazing prize to the lucky ticket-holder.

Highlighting the social responsibility aspect of the game, The National Lottery said that £30 million is raised for good causes each week by the players.

In a media release, it said they hope that the winners will enjoy their win and be happy about contributing to the good causes through buying tickets for National Lottery games.

Every week around £30 million is raised for different projects across the UK. These projects range from big to small and may include funding everything from a local community project or support the nation’s elite athletes.