A $10 North Carolina lottery ticket wins a grandma with two jobs.

A grandmother of 56 years who worked two jobs in North Carolina was awarded a major break.

According to the NC Education Lottery, Rhonda Potter won $200,000 with a $10 Bigger Spin scratch-off ticket.

Four-year-old grandma told lottery officials that she was scratching her lottery ticket at home when the unthinkable happened.

Potter stated in a news release that he saw zero, zeros, zeros and was now thinking, “Oh my God, oh My God,”. My son asked me why and I replied, ‘Baby I just won $200,000.’

Potter, who lives in Bayboro said that the big win will be used to pay off her house, car, and retirement fund.

Potter started to lottery officials, “I’m just very fortunate.” “I needed this.

According to the lottery service, Potter purchased her ticket at the Food Lion N.C. 55 Alliance.

After taxes, she earned $142,023 on Jan.

According to lottery officials, the Bigger Spin game was launched in September and offers five chances to win top prizes during a live spin of the wheel event. The prizes range in value from $400,000 to 2 million.

There are also five $200,000 prizes available that you can win instantly.

There are two additional Bigger Spin prizes and two $200,000 prizes up for grabs.