A fortune cookie number wins a man $4 million Mega Millions prize

North Carolina man claims that the Mega Millions prize of $4 million was won by him because of his lottery numbers. It came from an unusual source: A fortune cookie.

Gabriel Fierro (60) of Cornelius, said that he purchased his ticket for Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing online and used numbers from a fortune cookie he received while eating at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Charlotte.

Fierro stated,

I don’t normally play my fortune cookie numbers, but I tried them on an impulse.

Fierro’s ticket was the match for all five white balls, and earned a $1million prize. This was quadrupled to $4,000,000 when the 4X Megaplier ball came out.

Fierro stated,

I received an email in the morning. I stared at it dumbfounded. I took it, and showed it to my wife. She thought it was an April Fool’s joke or a scam.

Fierro stated that the shock eventually subsided and that enthusiasm set in.

Fierro stated,

We ran around the house screaming like a bunch banshees.

Fierro stated that most of the prize money would go to investments, but he had one purchase in mind:

We are going buy some champagne on our way home.