A lottery ticket purchased on a man’s birthday earns him $50,000

Maryland man bought lottery tickets to celebrate his birthday and ended up receiving a surprise gift of $50,000.

James Pitt, 57 of New Carrollton, stated that he plays the exact same numbers each time he enters the Bonus Match 5 drawing. He also plays nearly every day.

Pitt stated that he bought a Bonus Match 5 lottery ticket from Gem Liquors Lanham for his birthday. The ticket won him a $50,000 jackpot during the Aug. 11 drawing.

Pitt recalls, “When I checked my lottery results, I couldn’t believe what was happening.” He claimed that he called his wife to confirm what he was seeing.

Pitt stated, “Then we drove to a shop to scan it again, and there was it again — we had won $50,000.” He attributes the win to positive thinking and a conversation with his sister.

He said, “I was talking with her about the joy I have playing the lotto but that I never thought I would win.” She insisted, “You have to be optimistic.” It was so tempting that I tried it.

Pitt stated that he called his sister to thank her after the win for the motivational talk.

Pitt stated, “I wouldn’t have bought those tickets if I hadn’t talked to my sis if she hadn’t put me into a better mindset.”