A man who goes to a store to buy chicken wins the $100,000 lottery prize

A Maryland man was sent to the grocery store by his wife to purchase precooked chicken. He returned home with a $100,000 scratch-off lottery ticket.

According to , the 52-year-old Hagerstown resident said that his wife had sent him to Martin’s Hagerstown to get an essential ingredient for their family’s dinner.

The man replied,

My wife sent me here to get precooked chicken.

He stopped by the lottery machine while he was at the store to purchase $10 worth of Mega Millions tickets as well as a $10 scratch-off ticket.

He claimed that he had scratched the ticket for Monopoly X50 after dinner. He claimed he misread the prize at first.

He recalled,

I thought I had won at least $10 and I’ll get back my money.

Soon, the player realized that the prize was actually $100,000.

The man’s wife stated that he had spoken a series of words that his children were not used to hearing. They thought he was mad.

According to the couple, their plans for winnings include a family vacation and paying down debt. They also plan on making home improvements and buying a TV.