A Maryland woman has just won her third $50,000 Lottery prize

After winning the lottery for the third time in three years, a Maryland woman celebrates.

The 61-year old player from Montgomery County purchased two Lucky scratch-off tickets for $5 at Talbert’s Ice & Beverage Service, Bethesda. Although the first ticket failed to hit, the second won her the top prize of $50,000.

This would be incredible, but this is actually her third win of $50,000 at the store. According to Maryland Lottery officials. She won $50,000 bonus cash in August 2018. She won again in October 2018 playing Cash Craze Doubler.

Retired housekeeper, she said that she was stunned to have won for the third time.

She told lottery officials

“I couldn’t believe it again!”

The shock subsided and the lucky winner called her friend to tell her the good news.

The friend said,

“When she told us, I was so happy to be with her.”

She also joined her at Maryland Lottery headquarters. It was hard for me to believe she had won $50,000 again.

They also know how rare it can be for anyone to win the lottery, let alone three times. The winner stated that people play every day and do not win. It’s incredible that I won three times.

According to lottery officials, she plans to use the money to make home improvements.