A simple Facebook post united a lucky lotto winner and her $1million win

Lucky lotto winner revealed that she was encouraged by a Facebook post to claim her $1million winnings.

After winning one of six TattsLotto division 1 winning entries on Saturday, September 18, the Strathmore woman was reunited with her win.

She claimed that she only checked her ticket after seeing a post on Facebook about a mystery winner from her neighborhood.

“On social media, I had read they were on the hunt for a winner from Strathmore. I hoped it was me but didn’t think it actually would be.”

Praveen Pinnamaraju, the owner of Strathmore Post and Lotto, was thrilled to receive the winning entry.

On Saturday, the winning numbers were 5, 36, 6, 15, 43, and 18, respectively. The supplementary numbers were 24, 29, and 25.