After receiving a ticket in a get well card, a man who had open-heart surgery wins $1 million.

According to lottery officials, a Massachusetts man who had open-heart surgery received a $1,000,000 lottery prize from a friend. He won the scratch-off ticket.

According to a Massachusetts State Lottery Commission news release, Alexander McLeish was given three scratch-off tickets as a birthday gift from a friend.

McLeish began to scratch off the first three letters of the crossword lottery ticket. His first glimpse of luck was when he revealed his initials A, W, and M. He continued matching letters to words on a $5,000,000 100X Cashword game. Then he discovered the word “heart” in the bottom row.

The second highest prize in the game, $1 million, was won by the man. Only 10 prize winners have won the $20 lottery ticket. The $5 million top prizes is the highest.

McLeish’s initials, which were the first three letters of the alphabet, were the first sign that luck was in store for the prize-winning ticket.

McLeish had won several times before on a ticket that was given to him by a friend. According to lottery officials, McLeish won $1,000 on a ticket that his friend had given him for his birthday several years ago.

McLeish claimed Friday’s $1 million prizes and selected the cash option. According to the news release, McLeish received $650,000 as a one-time payment before taxes.

There is no word yet on whether he will share the prize money with his friend.