After winning the postcode lottery, a Bedlington couple returns from Edinburgh to be PS30,000 more rich

It’s an unforgettable day that we will never forget. We’ll never forget it in a million.

These are the words of a Bedlington NHS worker who celebrated a PS30,000 win in People’s Postcode lotto.

Judith Coates was on a trip to Edinburgh, with her husband Darren, when she received a call from the postcode lottery to inform them that their number had been chosen as the latest winner.

They were even more surprised to discover that they were in the same place as the lottery head office. This allowed them to find out the amount they won and pick up their check during their trip.

Darren, a dad-of-2, saw the cheque and said:

Wow! It was something I didn’t expect. It’s amazing. I am absolutely and completely flabbergasted.

NHS nurse for over 33 years, said the pandemic had been an especially difficult time and described the win as “incredible news“.

She said that the last few years had been very difficult, and that both of our children work in the NHS. It’s been hard for us all. This is amazing news!

They are planning to take their children on a vacation. Judith stated that they might take the children to the Lake District for a family vacation, as it is a favorite place of theirs.

Darren said,

It would have been nice to get a little sunshine and we can make it now; without worrying. Maybe a trip to Paris, as we have always promised we would go back.

They had traveled to Edinburgh to see Dick, Angel Strawbridge and ‘Escape to the Chateau‘.

Judith said,

The irony of it all is that we shouldn’t even have been in Edinburgh. We were originally going to book London’s show, so it’s a bit odd that we’re here.

Darren, a self-employed bathroom and kitchen fitter, said: “It’s meant be, it’s more than perfect. This could be done every week.

I’m going to have a gin & tonic as soon as I get back to the hotel. The show is now booked at a local restaurant.

He added,

And maybe there will be a whisky bar afterwards. Judith agreed.

When asked if Darren would buy anything for himself, he replied:

No, it’ll just be nice to treat them, something to make their smile.

Judith said,

Once they see the value of it, they’ll ask, ‘Bank, mum and dad, what are we getting you?’

Bedlington neighbours to win the PS30,000 prize.

Northumberland postcode, NE22 6NL, was announced as a winner with the lottery on Sunday 13th February.

The other winner chose not to be identified.

Judie McCourt, People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador, presented the prize cheque to the winner and shared her congratulations with both winners.

She stated,

I am absolutely thrilled for our lucky winners at Bedlington! I wish they have fun with their winnings today and enjoy celebrating.

As we normally knock on the winners’ front doors, it was a nice change of pace to be able surprise PS30k winner Darren (and his wife Judith) at our office here in Edinburgh.

It was a very special moment for us, and it was a first for us.

People’s Postcode Lottery is available for PS10 per month. There are guaranteed winners every single day. You can play with your chosen postcode to automatically be entered in all draws.

People’s Postcode Lottery players have raised over PS850million to date for thousands good causes in Britain and abroad.

Postcode Planet Trust promoted this draw.

Through regular grants funding, the Trust supports charities and other good causes that support the environment.

The Wildlife Trusts, African Parks, and WWF are supported charities.