First anonymous New Jersey player claims $202M Mega Millions win

Thanks to a law passed in January this year, that allows New Jersey Lottery winners to remain anonymous, a lucky person from the state claimed the Mega Millions jackpot of $202 million in February 2020 while choosing to remain anonymous.

The jackpot winner, who declined publicity, claimed the big win from the February 11 draw of the Mega Millions lottery, becoming the first person of the state to avail the facility granted by the new law.

On February 12, New Jersey Lottery announced that they had sold a $202 million jackpot-winning ticket in New Jersey for the previous night’s draw.

The ticket was sold at Quick Stop Food Store on 940 Inman Ave. in Edison, Middlesex County.

According to the lottery operator’s account, the player told them that they saw the draw announcement on Facebook and went to their car to check their ticket. On being completely shocked, the winner somehow managed to compose themselves enough to get back to work and made their plan.

Later that day, NJ Lottery held a media conference where Executive Director James Carey presented a $30,000 bonus commission check to the Quick Stop Food Store for selling the winning ticket.

Speaking at the press conference, Carey offered some advice for the unknown winner.

He said they always advise the winners to sign the back of their ticket right away and put it in a safe place. Then, they should talk to an attorney and a financial advisor, and finally “come to us” to claim the ticket, he went on to say.

Overwhelmed with the joy at the good news and unsure what to do next, the winner watched the media conference live on Facebook and took notes. They then religiously followed Carey’s advice.