Australian lottery winner bought his ticket 2 minutes before the cut-off

A ticket that she purchased just seconds before the draw cut-off time won an Australian woman a lottery jackpot worth nearly $500,000

The Seven Hills woman from New South Wales said that she purchased her Saturday Lotto ticket online at the very last moment.

I am a regular player but almost forgot about it the weekend. The player stated that he only received the ticket two minutes before draw time.

After Saturday’s drawing, the player stated that she had checked her ticket.

I checked my ticket right after the draw. I went online to take a look. Scrolling down, I found the right place. She recalled that it was a significant moment.

The woman won a Division One prize worth $457,268.84 for her ticket.

This prize will put me in a great place. The winner stated that it would keep her very comfortable and help her retire early. I don’t need extravagant things in my life. I want to live a happy and comfortable life.