Four days after his wedding, a man wins the $1 million lottery jackpot

North Carolina man got $1 million as a wedding gift when he purchased scratch-off lottery tickets four days after his wedding.

Michael Abernathy, Lexington said that he bought a $30 Millionaire Maker ticket at the Sheetz store in Lexington and won a $30 prize.

Abernathy stated that he bought two more tickets to continue his lucky streak. He was a huge winner with the last ticket he scratched.

Abernathy said

“I almost passed out”

and that he saw the million-dollar amount.

To collect the prize, the winner and his bride went to the lottery headquarters.

He said

“Phenomenal! The way this all has happened!”

It’s incredible. It’s a blessing.

Abernathy stated that his winnings would fund a Florida honeymoon and pay off some bills.

Abernathy stated

“So I’m going put the rest up for safety”