He converted a $500 scratch-off lottery win into a $1 million Michigan jackpot

According to the Michigan Lottery’s Jan. 27 news release, one lucky man won more than he expected from his lottery winnings.

The Wayne County 60-year old won $500 initially on a scratch-off ticket.

He decided to invest again in himself at a CVS Pharmacy.

The release stated that the player won $500 by scratching off a ticket and used the winnings for a few Triple Million tickets.

I scratched off the tickets when I got to the car and didn’t think that I won anything, but I scanned them on Lottery to make sure.

According to the release, he won $1 million by playing Triple Million Instant Game.

He told officials at the Michigan Lottery that he was confused when a message said he had won $1 million.

I looked at the ticket again, and that’s when it dawned on me that I had actually won $1 million. It was unbelievable that I had missed it!

The two-time lucky player received his lump sum of $693,000 from the lottery headquarters. He plans to invest, pay off bills, and save the rest, according to the release.