“I am thrilled”: A Windsor man transforms a $100 lottery win into $3,000,000

After a Windsor man won $3 million in the lottery, everyone at a Lakeshore convenience shop was happy.

Glenn Weitz, a Windsor contractor, won the top prize in OLG’s Instant Triple Millions. He discovered this win while driving his truck and playing his ticket.

He said,

“After matching three numbers I had to count zeroes. I returned to the store, and the clerk’s eyes were wide. We began celebrating together! The other customers were jumping up, and down!”

Weitz claims he is a regular player in the lottery.

POKER LOTTO ALL-IN is my favorite game. He shared his excitement while visiting the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto, to collect his winnings.

Wietz will invest in his winners in order to provide for his family’s future.

He said,

“I am delighted.”

The winning ticket was purchased from MS Lakeshore Convenience, Emeryville on County Road 22.

Another Windsor winner won a $100,000 Encore prize.

Kimberly Eldridge won $100,000 by matching the Encore numbers six to seven in the exact order they were drawn in the Sept. 24, Lotto Max draw.

Eldridge also won $20 in Lotto Max, bringing her total prize up to $100,000.

The winning ticket was purchased in Windsor at Zehrs, Tecumseh Road.