Israeli’s biggest-ever lottery winner felt ‘light’ after winning the numbers

One man who won NIS80,000,000 ($25,000,000) in Israel’s biggest jackpot over the weekend said that he felt “light” after the win.

He stated that he saw advertisements about the high prize and decided to buy a lottery ticket for the first-ever time in his life.

I knew the winning numbers were familiar from the moment I saw them. I felt a sense of light that I cannot explain.

The winner is a man in his thirties, a resident in the central region, married, and the father to three children. He is also a partner in an aesthetics business. Channel 13 News reported.

According to both media outlets he woke up his wife to inform her of the news and they continued to talk until the early hours.

He said,

I whispered to my wife’s ears, telling her that I believe we’ve won a lottery. She didn’t understand the concept at first. I called my family, despite the fact that it was late, to inform them of the good news. I couldn’t fall asleep. I couldn’t sleep because of the adrenalin. We were talking to each other until 6 a.m. in the living room.

Channel 13 reported that they made a decision to give gifts to their family members during their chat.

He then went back to work, as usual, and then he went to claim his prize on Sunday afternoon.

He told Channel 13 that “we don’t have any problems.

My job provides for my family and we are content with our life. There’s always room to improve, but one thing is certain — we will ensure the future for our children and families.