Lotto Ireland: 17 players from Ireland win a large prize when the jackpot rolls over again

As no player has won the historic EUR19 million Lotto jackpot, the Lotto jackpot will continue to roll over.

However, 17 players will feel very lucky having won a prize of EUR40.224 each as they claim the Match 5 Jackpot.

It is a good idea to carefully examine your tickets as you might be one of the lucky winners.

These were the winning numbers for Lotto:

22, 25, 28, 32. 35, 47. The bonus number was 15.

The Lotto Plus draw did not produce any big winners. One player did win EUR5,000 in Match 5 + Bonus.

These are the winning numbers for Lotto Plus:

03, 05 and 09, 29, 35 and 43, respectively, while the bonus number was 36.

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