Lottery jackpot worth EUR19.06 Million rolls

In Saturday’s draw, 42 players from all over the country won EUR23,367

In Saturday night’s National Lottery draw, 42 players (42) won EUR23.367 each.

Last night’s jackpot was again capped. The funds that would normally be added to the jackpot were instead divided to the next prize level at which there was an award winner. In last night’s draw, it was the Match 5 Tier.

To win the largest prize of the night, 42 players matched 5 numbers to each other.

The winning numbers for Saturday’s Lotto draw (30 October) were: 05-06, 17, 22, 33, and 41. The bonus was 34.

Match 5 winners should sign the backs of their tickets, which now total EUR23,367, and keep them safe.

For details on how to claim your prizes, contact the National Lottery Prize Claims Team at 1800 666 222, or email

Saturday’s record-breaking Lotto draw was the ninth time the jackpot cap was EUR19,060,000. Players still have a chance to win the jackpot in Wednesday’s draw as there was no winner last night.

According to the National Lottery, this morning’s Lotto sales have already raised approximately EUR49.5million for the Good Causes Fund.