Lotto Powerball Wednesday: $23 Million up for Grabs

With Lotto Powerball, Wednesday night will see $23 million up for grabs

The $23 million Powerball prize, if won by one player, would be the biggest prize in New Zealand since February 2013, when two players shared the $50 million Powerball Jackpot. Each player took home $25.1 million.

Lotto reports that 15 New Zealanders are multimillionaires this fiscal year. This includes a Christchurch man who won $22.5 Million in February.

Unidentified Canterbury man stated at the time that he was excited to use his prize to make precious memories with his family.

This win will set us up. It will also set our children up. And it will help the grandchildren.

The winner said that you have a unique role in the lives and memories of your grandchildren and children.

My wife and I are thrilled to have more freedom and time to make those memories with them.