Lucky Lottery win brings $25K to Okanagan Falls resident

A lucky lottery wins six weeks back made a South Okanagan resident $25,000 more.

Shelley Mackenzie, Okanagan Falls bought her Pacific Hold’Em Poker card at the Royal Canadian Legion On Veterans Way. She won $25,428 on Oct. 28.

According to the B.C. Mackenzie won the lottery because she was volunteering at her local legion hall.

Mackenzie claims she is pursuing a hot tub because of the windfall.

Mackenzie said,

I saw that Okanagan Falls had won the Bad Beat (jackpot), so I checked the ticket at legion self-checker to confirm that I was a winner.

I had no way to see the screen so I called my husband.

Mackenzie stated that it took some time for the excitement to sink in.

She said,

To start with, I was nervous and people kept asking why I wasn’t excited yet.

I kept thinking that I must protect this ticket.