Man buys bread at a store and returns home with a VA lottery ticket which lands him a big win

After he purchased a winning ticket at a register, a Virginia man became $100,000 richer by stopping for bread.

Terence Nevins initially told lottery officials that it was impossible for him to believe.

After realizing his big win, he wondered, “Is it real or am I looking at it wrong?

According to lottery officials, Nevins purchased his Powerball ticket and bread at the 7-Eleven on Lee Hill School Drive. The winning ticket would normally have earned him $50,000. However, Nevins spent an additional dollar to get the Power Play option which doubled his prize.

Nevins used Easy Pick in the store to randomly select the numbers on his ticket. He did not tell anyone immediately that he had won large, but he informed lottery officials.

He told lottery officials that he first kept it for himself.

I called my sister and told her. She was screaming on her phone.

Officials said that Nevins’ ticket was compatible with four numbers plus the Powerball number. According to the Virginia Lottery, the odds of winning the jackpot by matching all six numbers are 1 in 292.2 millions. The odds of winning any Powerball Prize is 1 in 25.

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