Man who won £500k lottery jackpot gives it all to his friends, strangers, and those struggling

During the lockdown, a Lottery winner gave all his winnings away to friends and strangers.

Peter Charleton won £500k in the Tatts Lotto Australia but said that he was not comfortable keeping the money and gave it to people struggling financially or emotionally.

He stated that his goal was to get rid of the money before anyone realized he won the Lottery.

Peter was elated after the win and reached out to family, friends, and strangers to offer money to their bank accounts.

He said;

“My theory on it was that I’ll share it around and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Rather than people thinking I’m sitting on my goldmine, I felt more comfortable knowing that I had given it all away.”

Peter spent $1,000 on local pizza places for people to enjoy before he moved on to pay for people’s groceries at the supermarket express checkouts.

He admits that he has regrets over his past behavior, but he loves helping others.