Manitoba man wins $5M lottery jackpot. He will share it with his family

One Brandon, Man. man has been selected as the lucky winner of a $5,000,000 LOTTO 6/49 Jackpot. He says he will share it with his family.

Louis Montroy was the winner of the $5 million prizes in the Nov. 24 draw. He matched all six main prize numbers.

He stated that he would make sure his children are well taken care of in a Monday news release by the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries.

I want them to have whatever they need. I don’t know what I’m going do after that.

Montroy bought his winning ticket at Canadian Tire Gas Bar on 18th Street, Brandon. He said that it took him some time to realize how much he had won.

He said,

I looked at the ticket and thought, $50,000?  Yes!

But there were too few zeroes. Then I thought, “Nah, that’s $500,000!” It suddenly clicked that it was actually five million dollars. Well, oh my God! Was I ever shocked!

After checking his numbers on the WCLC website, he went home with his wife.

When I was at work, I tried to be as quiet as possible. Montroy stated that she was able to shout out in celebration when Montroy was home.

I double-checked the numbers and nearly fell off my chair every single time. I was muttering, “Man, oh my! “I can’t believe it!

Montroy is among many of Manitoba’s top winners this year. He joins a Winnipeg family who shared a prize of $60 million, a Fraserwood resident who won $27.5m, and a Wasagamack native who won $20M.