Maryland lottery winner almost threw out his winning ticket

It is a good idea for lottery tickets to be double-checked before being tossed. A Maryland man almost lost $50,000 when he nearly threw his winning lottery ticket.

The 50-year-old was on his way to work when he stopped by the US Fuel station on Crain Highway in Waldorf, where he could play the lottery.

After receiving the ticket, he paid $10 for Lucky Numbers progressive Jackpot game. He gave the ticket a quick look after he received it. It didn’t look like a winner at first, so he decided to throw it out.

However, he was able to see a bonus game at bottom of ticket, which offered him a second chance to win a prize.

A congratulatory note was sent to the lucky player, along with a note indicating that he had won $50,000.

Lucky Numbers has a top prize. It starts at a fixed amount and goes up with each sale until the top-prize winner ticket is sold. In the Lucky Numbers Fast Play game, players can win additional prize amounts of $10 to $50,000.